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Cool-Off specializes in helping individuals and businesses beautify and maximize their indoor and outdoor spaces. As the temperatures rise, our unique, stylish and affordable shade and cooling products will keep you and your guests refreshed and relaxed. Enjoy your patio, porch or pool area in comfort without breaking the bank. Keep customers coming back for more with your refreshingly cool atmosphere. Take care of your warehouse workers without the need for costly HVAC systems.

Whether it’s a high-quality misting system to keep humidity at bay, an eye-catching shade sail or patio umbrella or a well-crafted outdoor cabana, our extensive line of premium products will make you the envy of the neighborhood, the most competitive restaurant in town or the hero of your fellow co-workers. We also offer outdoor heaters to extend the season into the colder months. And because we ship all of our products free of charge* with everything you need to get started, set up is quick and easy.

At Cool-Off, we’ve built our company on delivering exceptional customer service and a superior line of products. Our expert designers are available to help develop a customized set up that is perfect for your home, business or industrial application. We’d love to help you create the ideal environment for all of your needs!

Our misters are excellent for home outdoor cooling. All you need is a simple garden hose, and you’ll be able to begin cooling off. We also manufacture a beautiful line of quality shade sails, patio umbrellas and outdoor cabanas. We ship all products with everything you need to get started, so set up is quick and easy.

Cool-Off also offers unique and extremely stylish products for commercial usage. Our patented micro-jet nozzle technology is powerful enough to reduce temperatures by as much as 30 degrees inside the range of effect. Restaurant owners in particular have found our high pressure systems useful in the hot summer months; when the heat is raging, one of our high-quality systems can reduce the temperature for an entire outdoor seating area. They even work well in high humidity environments; our 1000 PSI high pressure pump, combined with our patented ceramic and stainless steel nozzles, is capable of overcoming even the worst heat.

Misting Fans are the Cost-effective Way to Cool Your Environment

For the ultimate value in beating the heat, Cool-Off’s industrial cooling fans are the ideal choice. One of our 4-fan, 18 inch high pressure systems cost only 20 cents per hour to operate, and it has enough cooling power to handle an area of up to 600 square feet. For larger spaces, the 10-fan, 24 inch industrial system is perfect; it can effectively cool a 50,000 square foot warehouse for only 80 cents per hour. Cool-Off has a wide variety of options that function as cost-effective alternatives to large, expensive HVAC units.

Cool-Off Specializes in Innovative Misting Systems with Superior Quality

Customers consistently return to Cool-Off for a variety of reasons. One of the reasons is that our products are unique, innovative, and unavailable in other online venues. We are passionate about our business, and we devote extensive time and energy to making sure we offer only the best. At Cool-Off, we choose to be leaders in our industry; our goal is to create cutting-edge products that offer an appealing blend of style and effectiveness.

An important part of our commitment to quality is having a variety of options. From our weather-resistant mist cooling fans to self-contained portable units, we offer a wide selection of sizes and options for any set of needs. Whether it's a commercial, residential, or industrial setting, Cool-Off has a high quality and cost-effective solution.

NEW Products for winter – Heaters

Cool-Off is excited to offer a brand new set of products that are perfect for the upcoming winter months. Our premium propane and electric patio heaters can be the antidote for your winter cabin fever; they can help you enjoy the outdoors even when the temperatures drop.

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