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High Pressure Misting Fans

High-pressure misting fans from Cool-Off are an excellent alternative cooling method for numerous situations. They combine the cooling power of mist with the ability to direct the flow. The evaporative cooling technology of each of these high pressure misting fan kitsis cost-effective and easy to use. You’ll stay cool even in high humidity without any leftover moisture, keeping you dry and cool.

These misting fans utilize our 1000 PSI high pressure pump that sends water through our patented misting nozzles at an accelerated rate. The high pressure creates a fog-like mist that is super effective at cooling down any area. In conjunction with our powerful fans, the misting systems can make an adjustable cooling system that is customizable based on your needs. Whether you’re cooling down football players on a sideline or a workstation in a machine shop, our industrial cooling solutions are extremely effective.

Cool-Off also offers high-pressure portable misting fans so that you can take the cooling power anywhere. All of our units come with any necessary hardware and instructions, and you’ll be able to easily get it up and running within minutes. Feel free to browse our online catalog or contact us for information about how to choose the best misting system for your situation.