10" 5 Micron Filter & Anti Scale Combo

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The 10" 5 micron flter, anti-scale cartridge combo takes two of the most effective elements of a misting system and combines them into one easy fitting. The micron filter removes sediment and softens water. The anti-scale cartridge keeps mist settings consistent. In outdoor dining situations, anti-scale technology maintains a fine cone mist without clogs or drips. This makes for a pleasant, uninterrupted dining experience.

  • Includes 5 Micron Filter & Anti Scale Cartridge
  • Removes Sediment & Softens Water
  • Essential to Keep Nozzles Spraying a Fine Cone of Mist

Misting systems that are connected to municipal water systems might experience inconsistent water quality. A 10" 5-micron filter removes sediment and softens water, eliminating clogging and extending the life of your misting system. Pure mist won't contaminate surfaces or disrupt the dining experience. Micron filters get rid of cholorine scents and flavors, as well as other water contaminants. Guests can enjoy fresh mist and cool air.

At-home misting systems outfitted with 10" 5 micron filter, anti-scale cartridge combo technology are also effective. Your backyard patio or gathering area will cool off thanks to fresh mist and consistent output. Outside plants and flowers will appreciate the pure mist. Thanks to improved water quality, your patio furniture won't become streaked or stained.

Outfitting a misting system with 10" 5 micron filter and anti-scale cartridge combo technology extends the life of your misting system while maintaining a consistent misting experience during hot summers.

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