12v Rechargeable Portable Misting Tent

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Rechargeable 12v Portable Misting Tent

Summers can be cruel. Some days it's nice and warm and sunny outside, but other days you have to rush from air-conditioned building to air-conditioned building to escape the heat and can't take the time to properly delight in all the possibilities of the season. Our portable misting fan tents provide you with cooling relief so that you can enjoy your outdoor summer adventures even in extreme temperatures. Use them on your patio or at your place of business for emergency cooling or just to lounge around under on hot days. 

Our 12v Rechargeable Portable Misting Tents are specially designed for durability and easy transport. Perfect for outdoor summer activities such as camping, boating and tailgating to sporting events, these portable tents bring instant cooling to all favorite leisure activities so you never have to suffer the heat again. Our Cool-Off tents come equipped with a 10' x 10' commercial-grade pop-up canopy, a 12V rechargeable water tank, a 1.0 diaphragm pump, an in-line Hexaphosphate filter, a telescopic handle and 8-inch heavy-duty wheels. These tents help cool everything within their 10' x 10' area with misting fans, dropping ambient temperature by as much as 25 degrees, without requiring a constant water supply. The 8-gallon tank lasts two to three hours without a fill-up and does not require any power. Each portable tent comes with our renowned Patio Misting System Kit, which includes a 200 PSI pump, 50 feet of tubing, 20 mist fan nozzles, a filter, tube cutters and end plugs. 

Keep cool this summer in a fog of mist fans, even when you're outdoors. Our portable tents are a simple, reliable way to protect against oppressive summer heat and experience the cooler temperature of later months while still being able to do all those great outdoor summer activities you enjoy. It only takes a few minutes to install and only a few minutes to take it down again. All you need is water. Don't let the heat take over your summer. Fight it with mist.

Cool-Off produces the Industry's most innovative and versatile Portable Misting Tent with Rechargeable 8 Gallon Water Tank that Includes our Award Winning 30 Foot Patio Mister Kit or Mid Pressure Pump. Each 8 gallon water vessel, includes rugged wheels, sturdy carrying handle and internal12v pumping system. These tents provide a refreshing fog of cool mist around the perimeter of a 10' x 10' Tent, without the need for a garden hose. Technological advances by our engineers have now made it possible, with the addition of our Proprietary 8 Gallon Rechargeable WaterTank and Internal Pump System. Each Portable Misting Tent works without a constant water supply and Includes our award winning 30 ft. Patio Misting System Kit (Requiring Absolutly no Electricity), or Upgraded mid pressure pump (200 PSI), 50 feet of tubing, 15 feet of inlet feeder hose tubing and 20 misting nozzles. (Mid Pressure Requires Electrical Outlet or Generator) 

Product Details:

  • Includes 10' x 10' Commercial Grade Pop Up Canopy (Variety of Color to Choose From)
  • 12V Rechargeable Water Tank -  Lightweight Unit made in the USA
  • Use on your patio or at work, take it camping, boating, tailgating or to sporting events
  • Can be used for emergency cooling in hot/extreme conditions
  • Does not Require Power!!  Mid Pressure Requires Very Small Generator to Operate Pump - Sold Separate
  • 8 gallon tank will run 2-3 hours without a fill-up   
  • Installs and takes down in just Minutes
  • Drops ambient temperature by as much as 25 degrees
  • Just add water, turn it on and enjoy 

Product Features:

  • 10' x 10' Pop Up Canopy Tent
  • DIY Mid Pressure Misting System Kit (Includes 200 PSI Pump, Tubing, Nozzles, Filter, End Plugs, Tube Cutters
  • Portable 8 Gallon Water Tank
  • 1.0 GPM Diaphragm Pump
  • Telescopic Handle For Easy Mobility & Storage
  • 8 Inch Heavy Duty Wheels
  • Includes In-line Hexaphosphate Filter
  • Made in the USA
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