18" Tropical-Breeze Pedestal Misting Fan

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Each Tropical-Breeze ™ Mist Fan includes

  • 18” Diameter Outdoor Pedestal Misting (Wet Location Rated)
  • 3-Speed, Water Proof Motor
  • 90 degree Oscillating Fan Head
  • Adjustable Fan Height and Tilt
  • UL Rated for Indoor and Outdoor Usage
  • UV and Rust Resistant
  • Cool-Off 3 Nozzle Stainless Misting Ring Kit
  • In Line Polyphosphate Sediment Filter
  • 12 Foot Feeder Hose Connection with Standard Female Inlet
  • Seven Color and Style Options

Some Like it (Not) Hot: The Tropical Breeze Misting Fan

Some like it hot. But few appreciate sweltering, mercury-busting temperatures. Sure, you could go to the beach, put your head under a hose, or dip your toes in a kid pool—but who wants temporary relief? If you want to avoid the physical discomfort of hot, humid weather, cool off with a misting fan. 

Misting fans are ideal for hot, summer days, offering cool comfort outdoors, and an endless breeze on a deck or patio. Since misting fans emit tiny water droplets into the air, they evaporate quickly. As a result, mist fans can reduce the temperature of large areas without dampening surfaces. It is comparable to fog during the crack of dawn. The mist covers the car, but hardly touches the skin. Just imagine stepping out of a pool, without being wet. Refreshing! 

The Tropical-Breeze Pedestal Misting Fan allows you to experience a phenomenal misting sensation in your own backyard. More importantly, there are no trade-offs for efficiency, noise, price or convenience. This unit has four nozzles that release cool, ambient air and can cool large areas by as much as 25 degrees. Also, the unit is so quiet; it is barely noticeable to those relaxing, playing or eating outdoors. Furthermore, the cost to operate this unit is less than a dollar a day. Assembly is a cinch. Just connect the mist fan to an outdoor water hose for instant relief on hot, dry days. This unit has everything you need for a soothing, tropical-breeze experience.

  • A 90-degree oscillating fan head for directional cooling on a patio or deck.
  • Four brass/stainless steel tipped nozzles that produce a refreshing mist.
  • A 3-speed motor for customized cooling.
  • A 6” Inline Hexaphospate Filter to prevent clogging.
  • Seven color options with award-winning designs to complement your outdoor decor. 

You will enjoy the cooling comfort that the Tropical-Breeze mist fan provides on hot, summer days. Plus, it will add beauty to your outdoor patio, deck or yard. 

Specifically designed with the Residential homeowner in mind, the Tropical-Breeze™ low pressure misting fans by Cool-Off are capable of reducing surrounding temperatures by as much as 30 degrees!

Sit back, relax and enjoy the refreshing mist on a hot day as the 4 misting nozzles and 3 Speed motor tantalize your body and soul. Select from our 8 stylish color options that are versatile enough to transform any outdoor setting.

Our Tropical-Breeze Pedestal Misting Fans are simply the most stylish low pressure misting fans on the market. We also complement these beautiful outdoor rated fan by using the smallest possible brass/stainless steel tipped nozzles on our misting rings that will activate without the use of a mid pressure or high pressure pump. This not only assures that you have a good looking fan, but that you also receive the finest possible cone of mist out of each misting nozzle, keeping you dry and cool longer. All Tropical-Breeze Fans come equipped with our custom 6" Inline Hexaphosphate Filter that will keep your investment functioning years down the road to avoid misting nozzles clogging up and developing damaging calcium buildup.

Product Details:

  • Choose from 8 Award Winning Designs & 3 Brand New Designs for 2016
  • UL Outdoor Rated Fans
  • Perfect for Residential Patio's
  • Extremely Quiet and Easy to Put Together
  • 90 Degree Oscillating Fan Head
  • Lowers the Temperature up to 25 degrees
  • Simply Connect to an Outdoor Garden Hose & Go 
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