20' High Pressure Misting System Kit w/Remote Control Pump - (10 Misting Nozzles)

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Each 20' high pressure flexible misting system kit includes:

  • High pressure misting system pump module (1000 PSI High Pressure Premium Edition Pump)
  • 50' of Nylon tubing. 
  • Filtration system (6" Inline Hexa Phosphate Filter & Feeder Hoses)
  • (10) Misting Tee Nozzles (Choose from 2 different sizes depending on humidity and scope of project) Choices include: .006"or .008" nozzle orifice
  • All necessary hardware to install complete misting system (Tube Cutters, Rubber Mounting Clamps, Nickel Plated Slip-Lock Fittings, Drain Valve, Replacement Misting Nozzles and Plugs)

High Pressure Misting Systems are the easiest way to customize any patio misting project. Simply connect the high pressure misting system pump to your water source, attach the nylon 12 tubing using the cushion clamps, and use the tube cutters to cut and insert each Micro-Whirl Misting Nozzle exactly where you want the mist. Choose between our two misting system nozzles which produce a beautiful light fog (.006 for humid areas or .008 for desert areas) for most applications.

If you’re ready to shift the climate this summer, simply use our easy drop down menu to select the proper size misting nozzle. Keep in mind that typically misting system nozzles are spaced about 18-24 inches apart in hot/ dry climates, and 24-36 inches in hot/humid areas.

Summer is definitely in full swing. This year is supposed to experience a higher amount of rain; however, it seems to be coming in fluxes, and it’s not raining nearly as much as the weatherman says it will. Summer has yet to heat up all the way, and people are already taking refuge in their air conditioned homes. The home can be cooled down, but there are a great amount of people who are still unaware that they can cool down their backyard too—easily and efficiently. It can be done with a 20 foot misting system. 

Many people considering costs consider purchasing low and medium pressure misting systems against a high pressure misting system. High pressure misting systems are the ones that provide the most cooling effect. They are the most preferred misting systems for those who live in arid and humid regions. The cooling effect of the high pressure system works for both arid and humid climates. There is a greater cooling effect experienced in arid climates; however, low and medium pressure misting systems are not very effective in humid areas. This makes high pressure misting systems desirable in both dry and humid areas. 

Low, medium and high pressure misting systems work with the principle of applying force behind water that escapes through holes on a hose. The amount of force behind pushing out water through these holes creates water droplets. The amount of force controls how small the water droplets are. The smaller the water drops, the faster the water droplets evaporate. Evaporating water droplets produce a cooling effect known as “flash cooling”. This “flash cooling” greatly lowers the temperature surrounding the hose. 

As water evaporates, it cools down the surrounding air. From a 20 foot misting system, the air can cool as much as 30 degrees Fahrenheit. This means that even on the hottest days of 100 plus degrees Fahrenheit, the backyard or front yard will stay a cool 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. People may skip turning on their air conditioning unit in their homes and just stay outside. For people who are interested in building an outdoor room, they won’t have to wait until fall to do so. 

A pressure misting system works by attaching the hose to any raised surface. Leave adequate space to avoid directly touching the mist. It won’t make everything wet because the droplets that come out of a high pressure misting system are small and evaporate quickly. High pressure misting systems are a must have.

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