26" (Oscillating) High Pressure Misting Fan Kits w/1000 PSI Remote Control Pump

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Misting Fans That Run All Summer Long

It's summer and it's hot out there! What is a person to do? A fan is nice, and a pool is better, but what if the two were combined? We have a secret. Now they are! You can get a misting fan to cool you off and deliver a pleasurable, light mist to break the summer heat.

Your friends will wonder how you stay so relaxed in the sun as you sit in front of your wonderful mist and wind combination.

Use It Everywhere

Misting fans can be used anywhere where it's okay to get wet. Outdoor mist fans are definitely the most appropriate use for these luxurious items, and every indoor place works well for mist fans, thanks to the technology in the working unit. Every fan emits a stream that evaporates as it cools, keeping all surroundings, including you dry. Basically, any place that can can include a misting machine to keep you cool no matter what task is at hand. 

Install With Ease

misting fan is as easy to install as any basic fan, and with three different levels of mist fan, the level of comfort is up to you. We have industrial sizes, residential sizes, and even portable sizes, so no matter where the heat takes you, the fan goes too! Simply connect the pump and filter, attach nozzles, attach the fan, attach tubing, and away you go! The installation guide, free with purchase, explains every attachment step by step so users get the most out of their fans.

A lifetime of cooler summers is ahead for you when you purchase an array of these wonderful fans. Keep yourself cool and keep your guests impressed when you purchase enough to keep every person at the party at a comfortable temperature. Purchase yours now, before the summer gets any hotter!

The Arctic-Breeze is a one of a kind fan 26” Oscillating Misting Fan that allows you to cool a big area with little noise. Not only is this Misting Fan quiet, its small frame allows it to be mounted in more places than ever before. This Misting Fan is the ideal solution to combat heat in Industrial and Commercial settings.

Misting Fan Kit consists of:

  • High pressure misting pump (1000 PSI  Remote Control)
  • 26” Misting Fans (Oscillating) w/mount
  • Your choice of 50ft nylon mist tubing 
  • Filtration system (With 5 Micron Filter and Anti-Scale Cartridge)
  • (1) Stainless Steel Misting Ring with 6 Nozzles per Fan (Choose from 2 different sizes depending on humidity level) Choices include: .006"  or .008" 
  • All necessary hardware to install a complete misting fan system (Tube Cutters, Rubber Mounting Clamps, Nickel Plated Slip-Lock Fittings, Drain Valve, Replacement Nozzles and Plugs)

Popular areas of use:

  • Backyards and Patios
  • Outdoor Restaurants/Bars
  • Mechanic Bays and Warehouses
  • Dry Cleaners
  • Gym Facilities
  • Stables and Kennels
  • Festivals
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