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Let the Sun Shine

The warm days of summer are here, and people everywhere are enjoying their outdoor spaces with a misting fan from Cool-Off. A mist fan blows a very fine mist of water into the air, creating a cool comfortable environment that people can sit back and relax in even on the hottest of days. They are great for patio parties or an intimate get together with a close friend. Misting fans expand the usable space of a home or business simply by cooling off that often unused space even during the hot months.

Upgrade your high pressure misting system with additional misting system fans. Choose between 18-24" fans, black & white and dry or humid climate and you're done. Additional misting fans can make the difference between your patio being great and your patio being perfect.

The 18” Cool-Breeze High Pressure Misting Fan with Nozzle works in combination with both mild and high pressure systems. It is available in either black or white and comes with a choice of steel misting rings with nozzles or a micro-jet center with red nozzle. The selection process requires the person ordering to choose between a humid high pressure nozzle, dry high pressure nozzle, or mid pressure nozzle depending on the humidity level that is in the air.

The 24” Oscillating Misting Fan with Nozzle also works with mid or high pressure systems and is available in black with the choice of two misting attachments. The oscillating feature is great for misting larger areas with a single fan. Cool-Off draws people out of the house by providing quality cooling solutions on summer days. Any time is the perfect time to cool off with a mist fan that is designed to bring comfort to the great outdoors. Businesses have found that misting fans from Cool-Off bring customers in and allows them to expand their service area, which generates more revenue. Now is the time to contact their excellent customer service staff to determine what misting fans are best for the space and discover just how amazing summer can really be when feeling cool and comfortable.

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