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Cool-Off offers a full range of pump oil, filters, water softeners, housing and kits for our misting systems & kits. Filtration is highly recommended for any misting system. Keep your system in the like-new condition with regular maintenance according to your system manufacturer's instructions.

Buying a misting kit from Cool-Off is a great way to beat the heat during the summer months. As proud as we are of the quality of each mist kit we sell, we know they need regular maintenance to perform properly. Buying a mist system filter and / or a mist water softener is an excellent way to preserve your investment in a misting kit.

Even if the municipal water supply in your community is good, it makes a lot of sense to install a mist water softener. Removing minerals and sediment from the water running through your system will extend its life dramatically and reduce the number of clogs you have to deal with. You can upgrade an older system by installing a tune-up mist kit, too!

Don't forget to keep your system humming throughout the hotter seasons by replacing your mist system filter regularly! Check your manufacturer's instructions to determine when it's time to change filters.

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