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Misting Filters Make A Big Difference

If you've been running your misting system for some time, you're well aware that clogged nozzles can be a real hassle. How do you minimize the amount of time you spend cleaning nozzles? With a water filter for misting system use!

Misting filters are a great idea no matter what the condition of your municipal water supply is. Cool-Off offers several purpose-built mist system filters that eliminate the most harmful sediments and contaminants before your water even gets to the circulation pump. Our inline water filter for misting system use screws directly into an ordinary garden hose line. Our Slim 10 kit gives you top-of-the-line mist system filtration thanks to its dedicated 5-micron filter. 

Mist system filters will eliminate the vast majority of sediment you're worried about long before it gets to your nozzles. That translates to fewer clogs and less clean-up. Misting filters are particularly important for commercial misting installations, where downtime has to be kept to a minimum. Let Cool-Off take the hassle out of running a misting system; install misting filters today!