Water Softeners

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Use A Water Softener To Extend Your Misting System's Lifespan

Whether you're keeping your family cool in the backyard on a hot summer day or providing a pleasant ambiance for your business's customers, misting systems from Cool-Off are perfect for the job. Get the most out of your system and keep it running smoothly with a misting water softener!

Water softeners for misting are strongly recommended for use in all of our systems, but they're especially important in hard water areas. A mist water softener will remove a wide variety of impurities and minerals, reducing the amount of scaling and clogged nozzles you have to deal with. A misting water softener cuts down on the amount of maintenance your system needs.

Don't forget to keep your mist water softener at full potency by changing its filter cartridge regularly! Like most filtration systems, water softeners for misting only operate at peak efficiency when their filters are fresh. Safeguard your system and minimize the hassles of ownership by keeping your filter charged and your water soft!
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