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Misting Rings

Turn Your Fan Into an Outdoor Air Conditioner with Misting Rings

Using fans in an outdoor area can be challenging if you have a large space to cool off, such as a patio or waiting area. The fan's cooling power drops off rapidly the farther away you are from it. And on blazing days, a fan may just be pushing hot, humid air around, which offers little if any relief. 

A misting ring helps solve these problems and enhances the fan's cooling power. Misting rings attach to the front cage of most models of outdoor fan. They do not, however, work with ceiling fans, since there has to be a grill to attach to. The ring also needs to be hooked up to a water supply. 

When you switch the fan on, the ring's nozzles produce a fine, cool mist that the fan then blows onto your guests or customers. The mist produces instant heat relief and is thin enough to not soak hair or clothes from brief exposure. The amount of water used is small, but it cools in two ways -- the cooler water draws heat away as it touches you, and then evaporates rapidly, lowering the temperature around it. 

Misting rings are perfect for places where people will be grateful for a sudden blast of relief, and they're especially good with oscillating fans for this reason. They also help bring down the temperature around the mist cloud. And in hot, dry climates, they humidify the air much like an air conditioner does, making it more pleasant and breathable. has several sizes of misting ring available to fit most popular sizes of fan. They are easy to set up and require no special tools. If your fan isn't working as well as it should, a misting ring is an easy and inexpensive way upgrade its performance and get the ocean-breeze comfort you want!