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Slip Lock Fittings

Keep Cool with Quality Slip Lock Fittings

Slip Lock Fittings, as the name describes, slip together and lock. The locking occurs under pressure, the greater the pressure the harder they lock. Slip Lock Fittings can be used with plastic or nylon tubing. Nylon, being a stronger material with a thicker wall, has a higher pressure rating and is a standard in the misting industry at 1000 psi rating.

To keep cool while enjoying the outdoors this summer, you are going to need slip lock fittings for your system that will not let you down.

Slip lock fittings are an important part of your misting system hardware. Whether you need them in stainless for a compression system or in nickel-plated, they are essential to keeping your outdoor events cool and fun regardless of how high the thermostat may be.

There are clear advantages to getting your misting hardware at, like expert advice and trained customer service representatives that you can talk to in order to design or improve your misting system. You and your guests do not have to spend the summer stuck inside or burning up in the sun. With expert advice and High-quality misting hardware from, you can create the perfect outdoor escape, even on the hottest days.