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Nickel Plated Slip Lock Fittings

Slip Lock Fittings Make For Fast Assembly

At Cool-Off, we know that no two misting installations are quite the same. That's why most users customize their set-ups to suit their needs. We're proud to offer a full range of misting system hardware to help with customization, including a full range of slip lock fittings.

Slip lock connectors are the industry standard, and it's for a good reason. These tough nickel-plated brass misting accessories allow you to join ordinary 3/8" tubing together in a variety of different ways. We have elbows, tees, inline unions, and even 1/4" to 3/8" adaptors. Want to add a new misting location? Our union slip lock fittings have a 10/24" hole that lets you mount your choice of nozzle. Or use a misting tee to get the job done even faster!

Cool-Off is your reliable source for all of the misting accessories you need to design, build, and maintain a terrific system. Whenever you need new misting system hardware, we'll be there to help.