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Explore the many ways to cool-off outdoors 

Beat the Summer Heat with Misting Tents

Misting tents are a great asset to your outdoors and provide you great cooling even during the hot summer days. Read on to learn more about them and their advantages, different types and where they're used.


Evaporative Cooling System

Anyone who has spent some time in a hot, stuffy warehouse understands how torturous heat and humidity can be. It is not only uncomfortable to work in, but it can be downright dangerous for the welfare of your workers. more


Everything You Need to Know About Misting Systems

From choosing the right misting system for your needs to installation, maintenance and troubleshooting, this is Everything You Need to Know About Misting Systems.


Everything You Need to Know About Misting Fans

All about the various uses of misting fans for indoor and outdoor cooling of everything from student athletes and livestock to industrial workers and visual effects.


How to bring stylish resort cabanas to your backyard

Stop paying big bucks to enjoy that atmosphere of tropical resorts, swanky poolside lounges and fruity drinks. Here's how to bring resort cabanas to your backyard more.



How to Suppress Dust with Misting Systems

To suppress dust produced by materials handling or manufacturing processes, high pressure misting systems are used in several industries. more


How to install a fogging system

You can create a fog system by forcing water through a high pressure pump unit that is connected to specialized fog nozzles. This creates micro fine water particles that will subsequently evaporate. more


How to Install a Mid Pressure Misting Fan

By following the instruction given in this page you can easily install a mid pressure misting fans in your home on your own. more


How to install and enjoy Outdoor Fire pits safely

Fire pits make your late night outdoor gathering cozy, whether it is stationed by the pool or patio side or in your garden, they become the pride and joy for any outdoor living area. more


How Fog Systems Work For Commercial Establishments and for Propagation Use

Fog has a few favorable circumstances over the fog. Because of the small droplet size, there is less immersion of the dirt and more oxygen accessible in the medium. Read more


How to properly install a shade sail over your deck area

Shade sails are a great add-on to your backyard area, highly functional in commercial establishments; they are a great style icon. When you want to make the most of your deck area and want that little extra shade, shade sails makes all the difference. Read more


How to keep warm on those chilly winters with outdoor propane heaters

Outdoor patio heaters are becoming more in demand, especially on those chilly autumn nights.With Outdoor patio heaters taking many forms, propane heaters are available in a variety of styles.Read more


How to keep your greenhouse ventilated with cooling systems?

Owning a greenhouse means lots of responsibilities and it is no surprise that the question of what methods are available for cooling the interior will come up.more


How to keep an industrial setting cool?

When comes to industrial cooling, the same methodology of outdoor cooling misting systems will not have much effect. As a result, the unit comes designed with a patented ceramic spray nozzle, which disperses fine mist that evaporates without more ado upon contact with the air.more


How to attract patrons with misting tents?

Misting tents can turn out to be of huge help on the off chance that you expect to spend the hot evenings in your excellent yard or garden.more


How To Solve Common Problems of Patio Heaters

Whether you need some extra heat on those spring evenings or just wanted to have it as a style statement, patio heaters are a useful addition to your yards or outdoor areas. Read more


How to spotlessly clean your outdoor patio umbrella?

You want your outdoor furnishings to be protected from the external elements, especially your outdoor patio umbrella. Cleaning and maintaining your patio umbrella appropriately will lengthen its usefulness for years; here are some tips on them. more

Importance of Misting Nozzles in Outdoor Cooling

Misting nozzles are an important part of any misting system. Read this article to learn more about their characteristics and advantages. more


Industrial Cooling System

As many people out in the workforce could attest, working in an industrial setting can be extremely dangerous. Not only do industrial workers have to be aware of their surroundings, but the heat generated by certain industrial processes can be detrimental to their health and wellbeing. more


Industrial Spot Cooling

Working indoors in the summer months is painful. Not only because you can't enjoy the wonderful weather outside, but because even with air conditioning, some offices can become hot and stuffy, creating a less than ideal working environment. more


Keep Your Place Cool with a Misting Cooling System

During the summer months when the weather is humid and hot, having an outdoor cooling system can make being outdoor more enjoyable and avoid the physical discomfort. Misting is the best way to control hot summer conditions, because you can bring the temperature down and add moisture to the dry air at the same time. more


Livestock and Animal Cooling

We all know how physically taxing the heat and humidity of summer can be, especially in the hot southern states. For businesses in the agricultural sector, it is critically important to consider how to go about combating the heat in a safe and cost effective manner. more


Misting Nozzles: Types and Details

Misting nozzles are an important part of misting systems. Read this article to learn more about their types, benefits and shortcomings. more


Misting Line Installation Instructions

DIY misting line installation- beat the summer easily. Our installation instruction will help you achieve the perfect fitting without much ado. more


Misting Ring Installation Instructions

Misting ring installation – you can change your existing normal fan to misting fan with the help of our misting ring. Installation instruction attached to make it easy for you.  more


Misting Systems: Keeping Restaurant and Resort Patio Space Profitable During Oppressive Summer Heat

It's 97 degrees outside, and the happy hour crowd is starting to make their way into the bar area at the local watering hole. Eventually the bar area fills up and people are forced to sit outside and wait for a table. more


Relax in Comfort with a Patio Umbrella

Patio umbrellas don’t just save you from the heat; they can enhance the beauty of your garden. Read on to know which one you should buy. more


Shade Sails for Patios

Shade structures for patios are structures that are put up to create shade in the outdoors. The shade structures become necessary for those fond of spending time in the exteriors and receive protection from the scorching sun and other elements. more


Shop Outdoor Patio Umbrella

Merely investing in new patio furniture will not suffice unless you make sure that the patio is perfectly shaded. It is not always possible to place your outdoor furniture under shade-giving trees. The only assured way for yourself, your family members and other guests from the scorching sun is by installing a patio umbrella. more


Stay Cool this Summer with Outdoor Cooling Systems

Outdoor cooling systems can provide you great relief during the hot summer days. Read on to know more about them. 


Summer Patio Ideas

If you’re thinking of giving your outdoor space a facelift, now’s the time to start planning. That way it’ll be ready as soon as the weather is nice enough to enjoy it. Take a look at a few ideas that can help you turn a boring or rundown patio into the place to be this coming summer. Read more here.

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