How to attract patrons with misting tents?

Ups and downs in business are common, they are not only triggered by economic factors, but also by seasonality, meaning the weather condition. When the blazing sun starts its show, maintaining profitability for that particular season becomes a Herculean task. Retailers to restaurants just about all types of businesses should take into consideration, the impacts of weather patterns on their customers consuming habits in order to optimize sales. When the unenviable summer begins, business may experience significant slowdowns, but you don't slow down, prepare for it. Yes! Misting tents will do the magic...

Advantages of outdoor Misting Tent

  • Decreases the possibility of heat stroke
  • Makes the environment enjoyable and safe
  • Ideal for reducing body temperatures on a hot day with a cool, continuous mist.
  • Misting Tents will definitely decrease the possibility of heat stroke at your special event and apart from letting your patrons have a great good time, installing a misting tent demonstrates good faith to your guests that some precaution has been implemented for their safety and enjoyment.


Extended Outdoors (Backyards):

Misting tents can turn out to be of huge help on the off chance that you expect to spend the hot evenings in your excellent yard or garden. Other than offering a peaceful time, they make a great space or e environment by disposing of the undesirable warmth in the blink of an eye and bringing down the temperature essentially. With these tents, you can have parties with your companions at any time of the year. A noteworthy time is ensured.

Marathons (sporting events)

These tents make for a typical sight in street races and marathons, where they are depended with the obligation of giving a brief rest to the members. They are set up at particular separations, where runners can stop over and unwind for some time. Have you seen that the operation of misting tents offers immediate heat alleviation to football players, baseball players, soccer players, marathon runners and more from the ruthless summer heat? These tents are utilized as gear that can bring down the danger of heat stress and perk up the players feel after their practice sessions and matches.

Theme parks

Misting tents are also popular in theme parks and zoos; it helps create an outdoor comfort solution, thereby keeping customers cool in queue lines, creating cool oases on restaurant patio sides, and creating breathtaking fog effects all add up to factor called customer satisfaction.

Agricultural sector

It is not unusual to have the sense of hearing about farm workers adversely affected by heat stroke and sunstroke. This can be avoided by making a reasonable investment in some Misting Tents which helps farm workers with relief from the heat in the area they happen to be working in.

Misting Tent Design and Sizes

  • Cool-off Misting Tents are principally designed with a horizontal roof; for the reason that, this prevents any hot air from getting ensnared under the tent a long-established prevalence with a traditional peaked tent.
  • The mesh tent high increases better air waft in the unit and permits for multiplied lights. Eventually, the flat design is extra contributing for an even mist throughout the Misting Tent. High strain Misting Tent Stations are available in a number of Width and Lengths; available Misting Tent Station Sizes include: 10' x 10' EZ-UP Commercial Pop up Tent, 10' x 10' Commercial Grade Pop up Canopy.

Don't let summer dry up your businesses. Misting tents are popular among the event reservation team and goes well with camping, boating and tailgating to sporting events. Functioning exactly in the way you want, portable tents bring instant cooling to all favorite leisure activities so you never have to be put up with the heat again.

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