High Pressure Misting Keeps You Cool in Summer

The Huffington Post reported on June 20, 2012, that the "official start of summer brought temperatures in the high 90s to the Eastern Seaboard... with people wilting at graduation ceremonies, students trying to learn in sweltering classrooms and authorities warning folks to check on elderly neighbors." In fact, Science Daily has gone on to say that "Extreme summer temperatures are already occurring more frequently in the United States, and will become normal by mid-century if the world continues on a business as usual schedule of emitting greenhouse gases."

With the outlook for the outdoors looking this bleak, a ray of hope comes in the form of our HP Misting Systems.

What are High Pressure Misting Systems?

There are mainly three types of misting systems, ranging from the cheap and easy to install low pressure systems to mid pressure and finally high pressure systems. Misting systems work on the basic principle of evaporation, using a technique that is known as evaporative cooling. Water droplets are forced out of specially made nozzles at a high pressure, which absorb the heat and turn into water vapor. This is what cools the surrounding area. It pretty much works like the cool breeze you enjoy on a sunny beach that is cooled by the air that flows in from the sea.

These cooling systems are generally meant to be used in industrial and commercial spaces like outdoor restaurants, amusement parks, warehouses, auto dealers and even for large social events.

What are the advantages of using High Pressure Systems?

High pressure misting systems are your best bet when looking to cool outdoor spaces. They are the most efficient, as compared to the other types of misting systems and are known to be capable of cooling surrounding areas by almost 25 degrees. They provide more open air cooling than any other system available. Low pressure and mid pressure systems work better in indoor spaces and are comparatively smaller and cheaper to install. High pressure systems are bigger and hence naturally cool larger spaces better than the other two. The other two systems use pumps that can force out water from their specially designed nozzles at about a 1000 -1500 psi (units of pressure).

Why use High Pressure Misting Line Systems?

To begin with, HP misting systems are the best bet when you are looking to cool off outdoor spaces or any other space where the more popular air conditioner will be impractical to use. They are also cheaper and much easier to install than air conditioners.

And if this is not a good enough reason for you, then you should also know that misting systems are environmentally safer, since they do not use Freon. So, don’t let the outside heat ruin the summer for you. Do your research and find a high pressure misting system that is best for your needs.

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