How to Install a Home Misting System

To escape the oppressive heat during the summer days, an outdoor misting system, based on evaporation of water, can bring the temperature down and provide cool comfort to open spaces. The misting system converts hot air into cold air and brings relief from a scorching summer. To install a low-pressure outdoor misting system, you may, follow these simple steps:

1. Buy a PVC pipe and cut it into lengths of 24 inches. It is advisable to use a PVC pipe cutter to cut the pipe, as it will be easier and will not produce debris in the pipe. Coat the pipe and also the nozzle with PVC primer. Remember to coat about ½-inch on exterior and interior of both ends of the nozzle with the primer.

2. Glue the nozzles onto the pipe using PVC glue to coat the end of the PVC pipe. Insert the low pressure misting nozzle over the pipe and gently turn to lock into place. Continue priming and gluing the other nozzles and pipes for the straight run of the misting system. Please know the nozzles must align straight with each other as they are glued to the pipe. This is necessary as they cannot be adjusted once the glue has dried. Remove all the spray nozzle heads to allow the system to be flushed.

3. Fix the pipe clips to the pipe straight run and hold the straight run of PVC pipe extending up to the roof. Hammer the pipe clips somewhat loosely onto the roof of the patio. Loosely attach the other straight runs to the patio roof using the clips.

4. The nozzle holes have to be suitably adjusted so that they do not point directly down but tilt out slightly. Glue the runs together using primed elbow fittings while exercising care to see the misting nozzles stay at the correct angle. Now tighten the clips and provide additional clips between two nozzles to increase support.

5. It is necessary to add a drain valve to the system to enable draining of the system whenever required. Draining may be particularly needed before winter to prevent pipes from freezing and cracking. Take a primed elbow fitting and glue to a short piece of pipe, roughly six to eight inches. Attach a drain to the bottom of the pipe. The drain should be capable of being unscrewed to release the water. Glue the elbow to the low end of the system.

6. Run PVC right from the ceiling to the faucet, using elbow fittings wherever necessary. You will have to screw in an adapter to the faucet using an elbow fitting. Allow one hour for the glue to dry and firmly set over the entire system.

7. Turn the water on and allow flushing for several minutes as trial. Turn the water off and attach the spray nozzle heads to the nozzles and then close the drain. The outdoor misting system is now ready for operation.

Remember to use a PVC cutter and not a hacksaw as it is necessary to prevent debris from accumulating in the PVC blocking the spray nozzle heads. It is advisable to clean nozzle heads periodically with a solution of vinegar and water to remove all hard water deposits. To extend the life of the nozzle heads, remove them and keep them aside at the end of the summer season. 

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