How to install and enjoy Outdoor Fire pits safely

Fire pits make your late night outdoor gathering cozy, whether it is stationed by the pool or patio side or in your garden, they become the pride and joy for any outdoor living area. Irrespective of what you do, be it reading a book, sharing memories with friends, family night games or an al fresco dining, the shimmering shadow it emits out provides a great respite for all outdoor activities. Here's your guide to portable fire pit installation and safety precautions.

  • Setting up - Do a little preparatory housekeeping and make the right placement. Stable, flat and non-combustible, like bricks, gravel, paving stones, or concrete surfaces are considered best. However, minimum 10-foot distance from your house and neighbor's yard is to be followed for safety purposes. So, before the installation, check with your local fire officials to avoid outright bans on open fires. Installation of a fire pit requires a permit and sometimes don't, if the fire pit fits within set size requirements.
  • Getting the Fire Started - When it comes to getting started with the fire, we will have our own personal flair, where the majority of the methods are openly relatable for use in outdoor fire pits. Nevertheless, by no means use lighter fluid or other flammable liquids to start the fire, try using commercial fire stick kindling. Avoid using pressure-treated woods as this will release harmful fumes and produce larger flames than expected. At the same time, do not over fuel. Always show some extra care to keep the fire comfortable, the kindling once ignited will need to burn long for the bigger pieces of wood to catch fire.
  • Portable or permanent - irrespective of the type of fire pit you choose to own, make sure that you are making use of proper stones and materials. The options available for portable ones are wide-ranging; from fire bowls to coffee table fire pit, you will also find freestanding chimney-style ones. All you have to do is, make sure it is proportional to the size of your backyard and be sure you have room for seating and circulation.

As with all open fire apparatus, basic safety precautions should be tagged along. Following are some of them listed out for your safety.

  • Do not start a fire, when there is a strong wind condition.
  • Never leave the fire unattended, especially if you have children and pets.
  • In no way exercise an accelerant (such as gasoline) or any other combustible liquid.
  • Do not install fire-pits close to your home or building, they should be installed within a safe distance away from a dwelling.
  • By no means burn any combustible items or leaves, fire pits are meant to burn wood logs only.
  • Never place it on a flammable surface or near combustible items.
  • Outdoor fire-pits are intended for outdoor use only. Do not use indoors.
  • Seeing that soft woods such as cedar and pine have a tendency to throw sparks, it is best that you avoid using them.
  • Don't put a fire pit beneath a roof or low-hanging branches, as there are chances for heat damage, ventilation problems and it could easily cause an additional fire.

Following these fire pit safety tips will cut down the risk of injury and the spread of fire.

An outdoor fire pit is something that every outdoor space needs. In order to accommodate the unique needs and preferences of customers, modern fire pits are available in a variety of styles like wood burning fire pits, folding fire pits, portable propane fire pits and much more. With each having its own style and functionality, exercise caution depending on the type of fire pit you use.

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