How to identify a misting fan/system that requires maintenance?

Owning a professional grade misting system means more convenience together with handful of responsibilities…

What good is a misting system you can't afford to use during summer time? As with any piece of merchandise, maintenance is crucial and this applies to misting fans and misting systems as well. Despite the fact that, it is not obligatory to do anything for a year or two at a time, minimal maintenance together with yearly or periodical cleaning is what makes the misting unit look brand new, in spite of years of usage. Similarly, knowing how to identify a misting fan/system that requires maintenance is also highly important. 

Uneven or insufficient mist

  • Causes: The probable cause of an insufficient mist may be because of a damaged nozzle, inadequate water supply or damages in the unit as a whole. Inadequate water together with the worn, clogged and damaged nozzle may prompt the misting unit to give out little or no mist at all. The nozzle reduces water from the tank into dewdrops. The droplets of water which will twirl as mist, by all accounts will get strewn by the fan in such case.
  • Solution: Sometimes, the solution to a problem is very simple; hence look out for the obvious things first. To ensure there is sufficient misting, make sure that the tank is filled with enough water or else fasten the water hose appropriately to guarantee sufficient misting. Sometimes, dust accumulation is also responsible for uneven mist, so clean up thoroughly. Cleaning of the nozzle is also important. In case of severe damage, then nozzle replacement is what helps. Mist pollution
  • Cause: Sometimes unclean water may be the main cause of filthy mist, however, dust accumulation on grills and fan blades are another reason why you suffer dirty mist. Hard water mineral deposits cause pesky and unsightly stains. Over a period, it can build up around the openings, thereby causing staining, clogs and odor. Resulting in clogs that reduce the water pressure and emitting out unclean mist.
  • Solution: Clean the nozzle thoroughly by removing the 'O' ring, also it is highly suggested that you clean the fan blades and grills on a periodical basis. Wet grills and blades catch more dust particles, so always ensure it is dry. Storage of the misting unit places a vital role; it is good that you use a fan cover and store it.


Other common faults:

  • Inlet air leakage- restore clogged inlet fitting and ensure there is enough water supply.
  • Cloud droplets inside crankcase – change oil at regular intervals and replace seals if necessary.
  • Worn out nozzles - Replace it
  • Blocked water inlet - clean or replace fouled strainer
  • Air leak in plumbing - Reseal it, if the problem persists replace the damage part.
  • Squeaking slipping Belt - Tighten or replace if damaged
  • Dirt accumulation in the valve - Remove debris if any
  • Worn or damaged inlet discharge valves - Replace valves

Usage, maintenance and storage ways may also be responsible for the malfunction of a misting fan/system. Hence, read through the manual and follow the instructions carefully as you handle the unit.

As long as you take care of the misting unit in the way it's meant to be, it can last for years. If you find your misting system/misting fan to discharge the aforesaid signs, then it is good that you fix up the issue as soon as possible to avoid further complaints.

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