How to keep warm on those chilly winters with outdoor propane heaters?

Outdoor patio heaters are becoming more in demand, especially on those chilly autumn nights. Not only they are in more demand in residential settings, but commercial establishments and hospitality industries are making use of outdoor heaters to keep their patrons inviting. It adds up to the beauty of the outdoor setting as well. Irrespective of how big or small your outdoor area is, there a variety of patio heaters available. With propane heaters taking fast pace, learn more about the style options, safety considerations and cleaning/maintenance things to make the most of it. There is always an outdoor heater that fits your needs and personal taste, but be on familiar terms with what your outdoor wants and how many people you are accommodating before purchasing these heaters.

Style options to consider

With Outdoor patio heaters taking many forms, propane heaters are available in a variety of styles, listed below are some of the most common types:

  • Standalone/Ground: this is one of the most common types of outdoor heater seen widespread. Highly stylish and functional, they are very popular used in commercial establishments as they never compromise on looks. Exuding a large amount of heat, they are generally tall and thin heaters. Occupying much less space, it is ideal for large outdoor decks and patios. They are also placed in event spaces, hotel pool decks, and scattered around outdoor restaurant seating areas.
  • Tabletop model: extremely portable, these models differs from looking like small floor heaters to traditional lamps, probably a mini version of a freestanding heater. At times, they are also referred to as outdoor heating lamps. Ideal for side tables or large tables in event spaces, these models are also available in a wide range of colors. Less in height, they never fail to give out a jaw-dropping performance, when it comes to heating.
  • Mountable heaters: also available in mountable options, depending on the requirement you can have this type of heater models mounted to a ceiling or wall. Highly versatile these types of models often come with a stand additionally and will save floor space and add heat to make that chilly evening warm.

Cleaning and Maintenance

As with any heater type, cleaning and maintenance is what makes them function the way it was designed to function, being aware of how to clean your outdoor patio effectively will ensure longevity

  • Cleaning Your Heater: Vacuum exterior dust and debris and clear the vent holes and grids. In hard to reach areas make use of small paint brush and remove the excess dust on it. Make use of soapy solutions only when it calls for it, when there is any sticky agents to the heater, avoid using abrasive cleaning agents, as it can damage the heater, so make use of cleaning solutions that are mild. For specific cleaning requirements, refer owner's manual.
  • Maintenance: As with outdoor patio heaters, very little maintenance is required, which is one of their biggest advantages, however, it depends on the usage and storage method as well. Apart from the occasional wipe down, the only real maintenance you will need to be concerned about is replacing gas tanks for propane heaters.

Location and Safety Considerations

Improper use of any gas appliance can cause severe damage; therefore, prior to the installation of your outdoor patio heater, there comes many safety considerations to look out for:

  • Propane patio heaters are meant for outdoor use only, read all instructions before you use it; do not move them when they are alight. Some heaters can be used in semi-outdoor spaces like covered porches, which require additional care.
  • Make sure it is located away from flammable materials that may perhaps explode due to heat. Check the clearances to combustibles.
  • Avoid placing the heater in areas where there is a lot of wind or closer to low-hanging tree branches or plants that can catch fire easily.
  • Make sure that the heater sits on completely flat surfaces that can hold their weight.
  • Check for hanging things near the unit and remove it.
  • Children and frail people should be under constant supervision around patio heaters.

Select your propane heater considering all these things and you are sure to make your chilly evening warmer than you would have thought.

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