Information about Livestock and Animal Cooling

We all know how physically taxing the heat and humidity of summer can be, especially in the hot southern states. For businesses in the agricultural sector, it is critically important to consider how to go about combating the heat in a safe and cost effective manner. If you are in the business of raising livestock and you are concerned about the comfort and well being of your animals, our livestock mist cooling fans can provide your animals with the relief they deserve. As a responsible farmer, it is important to recognize that animals have a very low tolerance for heat stress.

Livestock cooling is a critical component of any animal husbandry operation. While 80 degrees might be uncomfortable for humans, cattle cannot handle such temperatures and are at risk of heat stroke and death. In conditions such as this, it is important to monitor your animals for signs of heat exhaustion. Heavy panting and an open mouth are sure signs of heat stress in cattle. In fact, cattle are more sensitive to increases in relative humidity than chickens or pigs. Our livestock cooling systems provide the animal and livestock cooling solution recommended by the Agricultural and Bio systems Engineering Department at Iowa State University; one of America's leading research centers in animal science.

At some point, you are likely going to encounter the need to transport your animals. For this reason, we have added a number of livestock portable misting fans to our inventory of products. These portable evaporative cooling fans are especially popular with horse breeders and cattle ranchers; the success of these businesses is dependent on their ability to transport their animals to market. Portable livestock cooling fans help to ensure that the animals are protected from the effects of extreme heat while in transit. In the summer heat, humidity and ambient temperatures combine to create conditions that are nothing short of unbearable for your animals.

Our livestock cooling fans use a process known as evaporative cooling to reduce the temperature by upwards of twenty degrees. Our patented ceramic spray nozzles disperse a pressurized fine water mist that can reduce the temperature, both indoors and outdoors, by upwards of 20 degrees. For folks whose livelihood depends on transporting their animals in a safe and efficient manner, livestock cooling fans can mean the difference between a successful, profitable company and sheer failure. Please contact us regarding any of the products featured here on our website, and we will work with you to find the best possible solution to your livestock cooling needs.

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