Misting Fan Installation Instructions

Please read these easy to follow instructions prior to assembling your misting fan kit.

  1. Remove all parts from the carton and inspect the pump for possible shipping damage.
  2. Locate the two red horseshoe shaped clips on the ports and remove with needle nose pliers.
  3. Pull out plastic plugs by pressing the collet in while pulling the plug out to show the ports.
  4. Thread on the white filter to the male threads of your faucet or hose.
  5. Thread on the 15 foot input line onto the male outlet on the filter.
  6. Use the cutter (included) to cut off any extra tubing if desired and plug into pump inlet.
  7. Note the mounting screws (included) which allows pump wall mounting if desired.
  8. Insert the output tubing in like manner and proceed to misting ring assembly.
  9. For a 15 inch diameter mist ring do the following:
    1. Cut two 6 inch lengths and three 12 inch lengths of tubing
    2. Insert the six inch lengths into ends of a slip lock tee
    3. Attach each of four misting tees and the three 12 inch lengths to form a circle
    4. Secure each misting ring circle to its fan using the supplied zip ties

      Note: The entry port of the original slip lock tee should point up or down depending on how you wish the inlet tubing to enter the mist ring.

  10. There are enough fittings to outfit two fans in this package
  11. Mount the fans where desired.
  12. Use the cutter again to shorten the tubing to any length desired and connect to mist ring.
  13. Snip a short piece of tubing to get from the main line to the inlet fitting and secure by zip tie.
  14. With brass nozzles removed, start the water and pump and flush the lines for 30 seconds
  15. Thread in the nozzles securely (Plugs are include if you wish less moisture)
  16. Start the pump and check for leaks.  Enjoy!
  17. Always turn the pump off and water off when not in use
  18. If nozzles lose their spray pattern, soak in a CLR solution for 20 minutes, rise and replace.

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