Mist Fans: How to Choose a Mist Fan

Mist fans have soared in popularity in recent times, especially in those hot southern climates. If you live in an area that is plagued by extreme heat or humidity, a water misting fan may be the thing you need to be able to enjoy your time outside. Mist fans are frequently seen at large sporting events such as an NFL game, and are used to provide cooling relief to players and fans alike. Mist fans work on the principals of evaporative cooling and thermodynamics, and they are one of the most reliable and effective cooling products on the market today.


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Our mist fans work in the following manner. Our specialized water pump forces the water through a patented nozzle at approximately 1000 pounds per square inch. The patented spray misting nozzles has extremely small openings, which causes the pressurized water to be converted into a fine mist, with each water droplet measuring approximately 10 microns in size. This fine water mist evaporates almost immediately upon contact with the air, in a process known as flash evaporation. As the droplets evaporate, they draw in heat from the surrounding environment and cause the air to cool. An electric fan then circulates the cool air to provide relief from the heat.


While the great majority of the misting fan systems being sold today are used to keep large crowds cool, there are a number of options available to the average homeowner. For the outdoor gardener, our mist fans can provide respite from the oppressive heat while you tend to your plants and flowers. A secondary benefit, in the case of gardeners, is that the moisture created by the mist fan will help ensure that your plants get the hydration they need to thrive in a dry climate.

Our mist fans are also ideal for couples or families that enjoy entertaining in their backyard throughout the summer. We design our mist fans in a way that minimizes the amount of noise they produce, which is particularly important when entertaining guests on your backyard patio; these particular mist fans will not interfere with your good times. On the contrary, our mist fans will empower you to embrace the summer like it was meant to be embraced. So fire up the barbecue; its patio party time!

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