Mist Systems: Choosing a Mist System

Imagine a nice, breezy, cool summer day. The sun is bright, the grass is a luscious green, and the temperature is just right to spend some quality time outside.

While this is an ideal summer afternoon, it certainly does not describe a typical one. Most of the time, you're going to have days that are 90 degrees and higher, making your central air conditioning indispensable. But what about the kids? It's tough to send them outside when the weather is so incredibly hot. Still, it would be nice to get them out of your hair. See our Misting Systems »

A mist system may be your savior. A high pressure mist system kit can cool outdoor temperatures up to 30 degrees, meaning a long and comfortable day outside for the kids -- and yourself. They can decrease dust levels that come along with the summer months, as well as odors that can arise. That will allow you and the kids a lot more quality time in the sun. Summer just became a lot more bearable.

The system is simple and is easy to have installed. It contains nylon or stainless steel pipes, a few spray nozzles, and a pump. The pump forces water drawn from your home through the tubes, and is expelled through the misting nozzles. It's really as simple as that. You'll be enjoying all of the benefits of a mist system in no time.

Though water is being sprayed, it feels like a cool breeze passing across your skin. There is no damp or wet feeling with high pressure mist systems. That's because the high pressure pump allows water to leave the nozzles in drops that are smaller in diameter than a human hair.

High pressure mist systems have uses beyond cooling, too. They are ideal for adding humidity to greenhouses or other growing environments. Fires and the resulting smoke can be controlled by them, much like a sprinkler system, and they provide excellent air filtration. They can even eye-catching effects around pools, garden, and other outdoor areas.

Low and medium pressure mist systems are more cost-effective alternatives to their high pressure counterparts. Though they leave a slightly damper feeling, they do reduce temperatures by up to 10 degrees, which is still a welcome break in the dog days of summer. Either way you choose to go, a mist system can lead to your best summer yet!

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