Installation of Misting Line

  • Thank you for your purchase of our commercial grade misting line. Please read all instructions before installation.
  • Attach filter to the faucet or hose where necessary.
  • If desired, first attach the splitter and then thread on the filter to one side of splitter. A hose for general yard usage may be installed to the other side and controlled by the water flow lever.
  • Thread on the ten foot lead line to the filter. Use 3/8" mounting clips to get to the perimeter of patio or other shade structure.
  • Use remaining clips to secure mist line with nozzles pointing straight down or slightly outward from the patio area.
  • Remove the farthest nozzle from input line and flush system for 20 second. Then replace that nozzle and enjoy.


  • Clean input hose screen monthly during seasonal usage period.
  • If nozzles lose their spray pattern, remove all and soak in a CLR or similar degreasing solution for 20 minutes. Rinse and towel dry.Rethread them into the ports.
  • If nozzles continue to clog easily, replace filter as necessary.
  • After the heat season please remove nozzles and store for the winter.
  • Drain input hose.
  • If desired you may remove entire mist line and store in a dry place for protection.
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