Importance of Misting Nozzles in Outdoor Cooling

Do you know what the heart and lungs of a misting system are? The answer is – the misting nozzle. Although it has a basic function of converting water into a fine mist through high pressure; without a properly working nozzle, the functioning of the whole system can be affected.

Characteristics and Uses of Misting Nozzles: 

Let’s take a look at the key characteristics, advantages and other details of the misting nozzle:

  • When the water flows through the nozzles, it evaporates. This process is known as flash evaporation. It is because of this process of flash evaporation that the mist is created, which is responsible for cooling the area.

  • Some misting nozzles also contain a filtration system that can catch hold of the fine sediment particles that may lead to clogging. A few high quality nozzles have a dual filter system.

  • One thing that has to be kept in mind is that these nozzles have to be regularly cleaned. Not doing so may lead to severe clogging. Moreover, if broken, they would have to be changed or replaced.

  • When cleaning a nozzle, it is advisable to remove it and keep it in a bowl containing a solution of vinegar and water. Alternatively, you could opt for one of the many nozzle cleaners that are available in the market today. These can also prove to be efficient in eliminating debris, if any.

  • If you opt to clean the nozzles with the vinegar solution, make sure you soak the nozzle overnight. After doing this, all you need to do is remove the sediment particles with a slight tap. A second twirl in the solution would completely remove the sediment deposits from the nozzle.

  • It is recommended that you not use sharp pins or nails while cleaning, since they could damage the piece or reduce its capability and strength. If you intend to get rid of clogging, you can use a brush or a smooth cloth rather than a sharp implement.

  • There are two popular basic types of mist nozzles that are available in the market – brass and ceramic. The brass nozzles are entirely made of brass and have stainless steel tips and are known for providing reliable performance for a long time. Ceramic nozzles, on the other hand, may be made through a combination of a ceramic insert or entirely with ceramic material. These nozzles are commonly used in conjunction with high pressure misting fans to provide the finest mist possible.

  • These nozzles come in variety of orifice sizes. They are effective even at extreme PSI levels varying from 30 to 1500.

  • Low pressure misting nozzles come in many different forms of quality; make sure that your nozzles are brass with a stainless steel insert tip. Many companies sell cheaper, plastic nozzles and brass nozzles without a stainless steel tip and the quality is not as good.

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