Installation and Maintenence of Misting Ring

This Misting Ring instantly transforms high velocity outdoor or commercial fans into Professional Grade Misting Fans. Please read the following information carefully before installation.

Set Up Procedure

    • Unplug fan motor cord and inspect for damaged or exposed wire.
    • Using the 4 zip ties (included), center the misting ring on fan grill with nozzle ports aiming away from fan blades. Snip off any excess zip tie.
    • Be careful to position ring with input line aiming toward water source. If fan oscillates, be certain to allow enough slack in the input line to allow full motion.
    • Attach filter to faucet and thread on input line to filter.

Note: If desired the splitter (included) may be threaded on faucet to allow flexibility. Either another misting ring or a hose may be attached to the other port of the splitter. After installation, remove nozzles, flush the line for 30 seconds, then replace nozzles and enjoy.


  • If nozzles lose their spray pattern, remove all and soak in a CLR or similar degreasing solution for 20 minutes. Rinse and towel dry.
  • If nozzles continue to clog easily, replace filter as necessary.
  • After the heat season please remove nozzles and store for the winter. Drain input hose.
  • If desired you may remove entire mist ring and store in a dry place for protection.
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