How Outdoor Cooling Works & How to Buy Portable Misting

During those torrid summer days, when the heat just gets to you, don’t you just wish that you could enjoy the outdoors without being drenched in sweat? With a huge range of outdoor cooling systems available in the market, your patio or backyard could be the ideal place to relax and even entertain through even the hottest summer days. All you need is an effective cooling system.

For those, who love the outdoors, outdoor cooling systems are just the solution to their problems. Let’s take a look at how these systems work.

How Do Outdoor Cooling Systems Work?

It is not difficult to understand how misting systems work. When ultra-fine water droplets created by misting nozzles are introduced into the atmosphere, they absorb the heat prevailing in the environment and evaporate. This process is called evaporative cooling.

An outdoor cooling system functions by pumping mist into the air, which in turn cools the surroundings. The air gradually becomes cooler when the mist evaporates, paving the way for a cool and relaxing environment.

These cooling systems have gained prominence recently and are now being used to cool warehouses, restaurants, hotels and homes of course.

There’s no better way to beat the heat than with misting systems. If you haven’t you used them yet, you should read on to learn more about the benefits you stand to gain by choosing to cool your outdoors with a misting system.

Misting is a tried and tested method to combat the rising temperatures. It is obvious that you cannot use air conditioners in the outdoors. And if you love spending time outdoors, a misting system is the best way to continue to do so even when temperatures soar. If installed properly, you won’t miss the AC at all.

Misting Systems with Different Pressures

According to the pressure and the usability, there are 3 kinds of misting systems available:

  • Low pressure systems

  • Mid pressure systems

  • High pressure systems

All three types of pressure misting systems are capable of cooling the environment through an evaporation technique, which places the misting lines along the perimeter of the area that is to be cooled. The uniquely designed nozzles then spray tiny droplets of water which evaporate into water vapor after absorbing the heat. This way, the heat is removed from the environment and the surroundings are cooled. With the use of such systems, the evaporative cooling refreshes the moving air, providing noticeable results.

During summer months when the sun is unbearably oppressive and humidity builds up, the discomfort is acute. To reduce the heat in the atmosphere, you will need an effective cooling system. Portable misting systems are the perfect solution because they can be placed precisely where needed.

Portable Misting Fans  produce several cones of cooling mist even with minimal use of water. Different sized nozzles can be used in order to control the amount of water vapor being released. It is estimated that only 1 gallon of water is required to produce an hour of effective cooling. Most portable misting fans also allow for an independent misting system. This allows you to use your fan as usual without the release of mist. Likewise, you can also turn the mist on without using the fan.

Portable Misting Fans can be placed conveniently in shops, retail outlets, small offices, garages, warehouses, outdoor restaurants and backyards. As these systems are portable, you can move them around to any place you choose to. 

To maintain the effectiveness of any misting system, you must change the filters yearly and water tanks should be conditioned at regular intervals.

A standard misting fan, used on outdoor patios, employs an evaporative cooling technique which is used to create a cooling effect. When you perspire, the fan circulates air over your skin and causes the sweat to evaporate. Commercial misting fans help your patrons to stay comfortable at your place of business and in hot summer months, the misting system can even allow them stay longer. 

Developed with portability as the key feature in mind, most portable misting systems work without electricity and even without constant water supply. There are some models that can be attached to a garden hose when available for continuous relief from the heat. These are factory assembled for easy set up and can be used virtually anywhere. 

Many professionals and workers engage in physical activity outdoors where temperatures are high enough for heat-related illnesses to develop. Personal and portable cooling systems provide relief from the high heat stress these people experience. Even if people are idly lounging in their garden or backyard, a portable misting system can provide effective cooling to improve comfort and relief from heat stress.

Advantages of Misting Systems:

  • If we talk about the three systems individually, the low pressure system has its share of benefits. It is extremely easy to install and comes in affordable prices. Also, as a misting pump isn’t required here, it reduces the money spent on additional and maintenance costs.

  • Mid pressure misting systems are similar to the low pressure systems, the only difference being the small booster pumps that come with the mid pressure systems. It is because of these pumps that the droplets evaporate quickly, leading to reduction in the moisture levels.

  • There is no doubt that the high pressure misting systems are the most efficient. They can be used in large areas like halls, parks, restaurants and offices. These systems use pumps, which produce around 1000 psi of power and evaporate the droplets instantaneously. High pressure misting systems may require you to spend a little more but they are surely more beneficial and effective than the other systems and also cover a large area.

Another huge advantage that all the misting systems provide is that they are extremely energy efficient and can be effectively used by any industry or sector anywhere in the world.

Buyers Guide

  • Budget: Since outdoor cooling systems come in many versions, you should first set your budget and then start looking for the ideal system.

  • Quality: There is no use buying anything that is not durable or isn’t high quality. Therefore, make sure you research enough to ensure the quality of your outdoor cooling system. Also, since the pumping system holds the key to the functioning of the cooler, ensure that the pump system is effective and efficient. There are a lot of cheap models available in the market. While low cost doesn’t necessarily mean low quality, it is not make the price the only consideration for the purchase.

  • Shape and Size: Outdoor cooling systems are available in various shapes and sizes. It is therefore advisable that before buying a model, you familiarize yourself with the various options in order to choose a shape and size will suit you the best.

  • Place to buy: Outdoor cooling systems can be purchased both online and offline. If you can visit various stores and select the perfect cooling system for you, well and good. On the hand, you can make life simpler and surf online to choose from the large variety that is on offer. Online stores tend to offer various discounts and special prices. Since they save on the overhead costs that brick and mortar stores, they pass on their savings to their customers. You also get to check out a vast number of options from the comfort of your home before making the final choice.

Remember to research well before buying an outdoor cooling system rather than regretting at leisure. These systems provide the much needed relief during the summer. Therefore, the system you choose to buy should give you value both for money and hassle free functioning.

So, don’t let the summer heat come in the way of your enjoyment of the outdoors. Choose a misting system that suits the space you need to cool and you budget and enjoy the outdoors with your family and friends this summer.

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