Cool Your Environment with Misting Systems

Do you live in a region that gets terribly hot during the summers, or even through most of the year? All you need is an efficient misting system that can help you cool off while enjoying the outdoors.

Since these systems use fans and water misters to cool the environment, it is the perfect option to cool your outdoor areas. These systems are available in a variety of types and prices. Therefore, it is useful to learn more about them before buying one.

Types of Misting Systems:

Misting Fans:

Inexpensive and effective, misting fans are a great option if you are on a budget or if you need to cool a small area. A mist fan is similar to a blade fan but with a water propulsion system that creates cooling water vapors, which are blown outwards while the blade rotates. These fans can be placed outdoors as well as indoors.

Misting Pipes:

Misting pipes, or misting cooling systems, are loaded with a number of flexible pipes, along with brass nozzles that convert water vapor into a cooling mist. During summers, the temperature may rise to a degree where a simple fan may not prove to be enough to cool the space. This is where a misting pipe would provide effective cooling and can reduce the heat to up to 20 degrees.

Commercial Misting Systems:

Although the leader of all these systems is the commercial misting system, they are generally used for bigger areas, such as parks, arenas or large yards. A commercial misting system functions in a way that creates a large cloud of mist that chills the area, making it look like fog. However, the installation of a commercial misting system is a complex task and may need you to take an expert’s advice so that the installation is error-free and hassle-free.

Make sure that you surf the net before heading to a store to buy a mist system, since you can find details about the varieties, price and other important details about these systems online. A misting fan can be a good option, if you do not want to spend too much on the system, while a commercial misting system is the perfect option if you are planning a wedding this summer and need to accommodate a large number of people in comfort. So, make sure you research well and know all your options in order to make an informed decision on the misting system that suits your needs the best.

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