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Misting Systems: Choosing the Right Misting System


It's 95 degrees outside, and there isn't even a sliver of shade in sight. Even in the dugout, it feels like it's over 90 degrees. Though they won't be as active as they would be in a soccer match, the kids are going to sweat a ton as they stand on the field during today's baseball game. You have four coolers full of water, but water isn't going to cool them down when they come into the dugout between innings -- it will just keep them from dehydrating. Is there anything else you can do to keep these kids cool?

If you watch baseball or football games in the sumer months, a solution is staring you in the face: a misting system. They're those big, industrial-looking fans that spray a misty stream of water over the overheated players' bodies.

A single misting system can cool surrounding temperatures by up to 25 degrees. So, while the opposing team cool themselves by waving paper fans and dumping buckets of water over their heads, your team can enjoy a crisp 70-degree dugout. Not only will this keep them less fatigued and better able to play the game, but it will keep them safer: the risk of dehydration and heat stroke is greatly reduced. Bringing one of these along to the game will make you the coolest parent on the team -- literally.

Another benefit of a misting system is how little energy it uses. It uses roughly 80% less energy than an air conditioner -- not that you would lug an air conditioner into the dugout. In fact, even if you were to bring that air conditioner along, it wouldn't have nearly the open-air cooling power of a misting system. So, for less energy (which means less money), you get a more powerful outdoor cooling system. And, since it doesn't use freon, it is more environmentally safe, too!

When the body is exposed to extreme temperatures, it perspires in order to keep its internal temperature under control. Using a normal fan to circulate the air, the sweat then evaporates, resulting in a cooling of the surface (your skin). The circulating air also helps remove heat radiated by the body. Adding mist to that amplifies the cooling process and keeps the temperature at a lower level.

These misting systems work best in a low humidity environment. However, because humidity falls relatively when temperatures exceed 90 degrees, they are still highly effective even in more humid conditions.

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