Cool-Off this summer with Misting Tents

Misting Tents are being rampantly used - by business owners and homeowners alike - ever since they were introduced three years ago. These tents have come as a great boon to people holding outdoor functions particularly during summer months. These pop-up tents are meant for providing relief from the oppressive heat of summer months. You can choose from a couple of different models and also select the color of your choice.

High Pressure Tents are meant for cooling large outdoor areas. They come with adequate misting nozzles and are powered by a fairly large pump (1000 PSI High Pressure Pump) to cover the entire perimeter of the misting tent. These high pressure mist tents are ideal for setting up at Restaurants, Amusement Parks, Golf Courses, Athletic Events, Swimming Pools, Sports Meets, and many more larger venues.

Low Pressure Tents usually come with enough nozzles to cover 2, 3 or 4 sides of a standard pop-up tent. The Low Pressure Misting Tent offers a very cost effective way to stay cool under the sun. These tents are ideal for birthday parties, family picnics, camping, lawn get-together or any other outdoor event.

You can also select a Mid Pressure Misting Tent in the event you want an intermediate model. Homeowners will obviously prefer a Portable Misting Tent that can be easily moved from one site to another.

Although the air conditioner is indeed effective to make a closed area cool, it is not feasible to install them in open areas, unless you have a free and unlimited electricity source. The robust, economical and energy-efficient way to cool the exterior is by having an Outdoor Misting System. Apart from supplying cool air to offset the torrid heat, the mist from the tent also minimizes dust levels and eliminates any foul odors that usually accompany the summer heat.

All Cool-Off models are very easy to setup and can be installed almost anywhere. There are many suppliers of good quality outdoor misting tents and there may be some marginal variations among different manufacturers. You can also obtain a do-it-yourself low pressure misting kits to build your own system.

But the fact is Cool-Off occupies a premier position in the market-place. Cool-off is able to offer you all three types of misting systems and tents; low, medium, and high pressure, and you can decide which works best for your particular application.

The High Pressure or Professional model comes with ideal number of Misting Nozzles and a large enough pump to effectively cover the entire perimeter of the tent size. Their Low Pressure or Recreational models can cover between 2, 3 or 4 sides of the tent with cool mist.

The temperature reduction largely depends on the humidity levels of the area to be cooled. The effect is excellent especially in places with high humidity. Cool–off Misting Tents offer users a refreshing experience right under the sun even during mid-summer hot months. You can visit for further details. Their trained sales personnel will also offer you valuable suggestions to help you decide the right type of Misting Tents.

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