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Beat the Summer Heat with Misting Tents


Misting Tents

Want to know the secret to spending a relaxing and enjoyable afternoon in the outdoors even on those hot summer days? A misting tent is the answer. These tents can be easily installed in your patio, lawn or backyard. These tents use the power of the misting process to release a fine mist that cools not only the inside of the tent but the surrounding area as well. It provides you with a great way to beat the heat, giving you the freedom to enjoy the summer with your loved ones.

Types and Features

Below are the different types of misting tents that are available in the market. You can buy the one that best suits your outdoors and your budget:

Low Pressure:

These tents provide you an easy and economical way to stay cool even during the worst summer heat. It is an ideal thing to have in your outdoors, not just benefiting you but also attracting your friends and relatives to enjoy a relaxing time away from the heat. With easy setup options, these tents are simple to install. If you want to organize a party and are wondering where to do so, you just have to get a low pressure misting tent for your lawn/ backyard. Most come with an installation kit and directional mist heads, which adjust the mist to a place close or far from the tent to counter the direction of the wind.

Low pressure misting tents are generally 10x10 foldable tents that have misting systems attached to them.

Misting Tents

Mid Pressure:

A mid pressure misting tent, like the low pressure ones, are easy to install and affordable. However unlike the low pressure type, these tents come with 200psi booster pumps, which creates finer and cooler mist as compared to the low pressure models. These tents also come in the 10x10 size, and are foldable. The Misting System is integrated with the structure of the tent.

High Pressure:

These are the most powerful of the lot. They feature 1,000psi pumps, which have the capability of generating a huge volume of fine mist, much more effective than the other types of misting tents. These are the crème de la crème for cooling the open outdoors, without any residual moisture. They are easy to setup, foldable and measure 10’ x 10’ when set up. High pressure misting tents also include a 5 space micron filter and better mist nozzles.

The best way to go about choosing and buying a misting tent for your needs is to do some initial research that will help you make an informed decision.

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