How High Pressure Patio Misting Keeps Us Cool

Extreme heat causes physical fatigue, exhaustion and dehydration to around a couple of million people around the globe each year. Shocking isn't it?

Be it senior citizens or young ones, anybody can fall prey to the soaring summer temperatures. One effective way of keeping your outdoors cool and being able to enjoy being out of the house during even the worst summer months is to invest in a high pressure misting system.

Patio misters, also known as patio misting systems, are highly effective ways to keep your patio in your backyard refreshing and cool particularly during the hot summer months. Patio misting systems use the evaporation principle for cooling the assigned area and usually reduce the temperature by as much as 30 degrees.

Evaporation is a chemical process that actually uses heat from the air. However to obtain the optimum cooling effect, the patio mister has to be set up at least 8 feet from the ground. By placing at this height, the patio misting system would also cover a sufficiently large area.

The presence of mist nozzles and a high pressure water pump help generate tiny water drops that get sprayed over the area to be cooled. Strangely enough, the covered area does not get wet nor does it dampen the furniture or any other equipment located in the area. The operating principle of the system is described as flash evaporation.

Needless to say, it is the misting nozzles that facilitate the flash evaporation and the quality of the nozzles is critically important. Make it a point to buy brass misting nozzles as they are durable and trouble-free and also easier to clean. Another option is to use nozzles with smaller orifices but simply use more of them.

If you are keen on effective cooling, then choose a high pressure patio misting system. Please know the efficient performance of a patio mister depends on the pressure. Higher pressure misting systems do cost more, but when you feel that cool breeze wafting across, you will find it is well worth the price.

High Pressure Misting Fans:

One solution is the high pressure misting fan. The popularity of these fans has been growing rapidly due to their effectiveness and affordability. Most misting fans come attached with a ceramic nozzle that sprays a mist of water into the air. This mist then evaporates when it comes in contact with the air being circulated by the fan, paving the way for cooling without any residual moisture. The best thing about HP misting fans is that they enable you to sit outside for long hours without feeling uncomfortably hot. 

High Pressure Misting Systems:

For larger areas, such as stadiums, parks, restaurants and complexes, higher pressure misting systems are the ideal choice. This is because they are meant to cater to larger areas and can cool large spaces with little ease. These misting systems are also known to help with fire and smoke control, odor removal and frost protection.

Advantages of High Pressure Misting Systems and Fans Patio Misters

  • The biggest benefit of high pressure mist is that they can reduce the air temperature by up to 30 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Secondly, high pressure systems can keep away insects like flies and mosquitoes from your area.
  • The mist generated can also help in reducing the dust, smoke and other kinds of pollutants.
  • Not just us humans, but our pets suffer through the summer as well. HP misting systems can prove to be a huge relief for our pets, since they make their living area cooler and more comfortable.
  • HP misting fans are easy to install and simple to use. You can even do it yourself, without any professional help.
  • The commercial high pressure misting units usually run at 900 to 1,000 psi. Here, pressure is directly proportional to the mist created. High pressure systems usually create fine droplets of about 5 microns that make the mist look like fog.
  • Such systems aren't too expensive and are fairly easy to install. The low power usage adds to the list of advantages.

Thus, it is clear that these misting systems provide a huge relief to those who love to spend time in the outdoors but are unable to do so because of the summer heat. Why curb your desire when you can enjoy the outdoors in comfort? All you need to do is install a high pressure misting system.

If you cannot afford to spend the money on a high pressure pump that is costly, you can opt for mid pressure patio misters that are less expensive. Lower pressure pumps can reduce the outside temperature by about fifteen degrees, which can also provide big relief on hot summer days.

Choose a pump that can produce 180-200 psi or more to achieve full evaporation. If your water is impure or contains calcium or other particles, install an inline filter right before the pump to be sure your misting nozzles do not clog.

The low pressure mist lines are available in varying lengths and you can select the appropriate length depending on your requirements. The water that is dispersed through the misting nozzles gets it's supply from any nearby water line accessible from the patio area. Thus, the placement of the patio mister can be anywhere as long as the selected area has a provision for running water.

It is the oscillating misting fans that constantly spray a fine mist that evaporates to a distance of 5 or 6 feet leaving a cool breeze in front of the system cooling the atmosphere and bringing down the air temperature - producing the amazing effect of an air conditioner. Depending on your need, you can allow the fan to oscillate or keep in a fixed direction. Misting fans are also available in different sizes - ranging from 18"to 24"; and you can opt for the size and type that best fulfills your needs.

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