Relax in Comfort with a Patio Umbrella

Patio umbrellas are an ideal way to make your outdoors the place to relax or entertain at. After all, who doesn’t want to enjoy the fresh outdoors air and enjoy those balmy summer days?

Before we talk about the tips you should keep in mind while buying a patio umbrella, you should select a place in your lawn or backyard where the umbrella will be placed. However, this just isn’t enough.

Patio Umbrellas: Tips to Remember

Here are some useful tips that you should keep in mind while choosing the right patio umbrella for your needs:

  1. Size:

    The size of the patio umbrella would depend on where you place it. If it is to be placed at the center of a table, it should be a big one so that it covers the people sitting around the table. You can measure the surface area and then buy the umbrella, if needed.

  2. Shape:

    Although outdoor patio umbrellas come in a large variety of shapes, the most commonly used ones are the round or square ones. Square umbrellas are preferred by many over round ones, since they offer more shade and cover a larger area. On the other hand, many believe that the round ones offer a more picturesque setting.

  3. Color:

    The choice of color is entirely dependent on your tastes and décor. It is better to go for lighter colors, since they are considered to provider cooler shade than dark ones, which are believed to be heat trappers.

  4. Frame:

    The choices that are available for the frame are wood and aluminum. The shortcoming of wood is that as the frame will be heavy, and create portability issues. Aluminum is light and looks the part as well, which makes it a preferred option. It is also more durable.

  5. Material:

    The material of the umbrella actually is something that requires a lot of attention. Make sure that it is tough and durable and can be easily cleaned. The material should also be resistant to extreme climatic conditions. There are many fabrics of varying prices available in the market. Here is a list of a few fabrics you can choose patio umbrellas in:

    • SolarVista - Made of acrylic material, SolarVista is a light French fabric that looks good and protects those at the table from the heat.

    • Olefin - Olefin is a fabric that is known for its durability and sunlight resistance. In addition, it weighs less than most of the other fabrics.

    • Spun Poly - This is a kind of polyester that is designed to deliver high strength, top class quality, smoothness and colorfastness.

    • Sunbrella - Made in the USA, Sunbrella is designed in a way that its color doesn’t get washed out. The fabric is solution-dyed and resistant to UV rays.

All these factors, if considered while making a purchase can ensure that you have an efficient and appealing patio umbrella. Research well before buying.

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