10 Steps to Choosing a Patio Umbrella that Will Enhance Your Resort or Outdoor Club

Patio umbrellas provide more than dependable protection from the sun's damaging rays. They also enhance the ambiance of your resort or outdoor club. With such an extensive selection of patio umbrellas available, it is helpful to have an organized approach to the shopping process. Below are ten steps to follow to ensure that you choose the perfect patio umbrella for your resort or outdoor club.

1) Select the style of patio umbrella that best complements your outdoor environment.

As you begin the shopping process, consider the layout of your resort's patio. Key factors to consider include the number of tables you wish to cover, the formality of your environment, and your budget. Once you have an idea of the style you wish to convey, you can begin browsing popular umbrella brands such as FIM, Shademaker, Jardinico, and Treasure Garden.

2) Choose the canopy diameter that you require.

The main purpose of a patio umbrella is to offer shade from the sun. In order to accomplish this goal, it is important to select an umbrella that offers adequate coverage from the sun's damaging rays. In general, canopy diameters range from 6' to 16', providing you with a wide range of options.

3) Decide what canopy shape is the best fit for your outdoor patio.

Umbrella canopies are available in a host of shapes to add to the uniqueness of your patio environment. Popular canopy shapes include square, octagonal, and rectangular.

4) Select the canopy fabric that you prefer.

As you browse patio umbrella options, consider your environment before you finalize your decision. If your club or resort is continually exposed to heat and humidity, you may wish to choose a canopy made with a high-grade synthetic fabric. You can also find plenty of canopies made of polyester, canvas, or acrylic.

5) Choose your preferred lift mechanism.

Patio umbrellas are available with several types of lift mechanisms to facilitate easy raising and lowering of the canopy. Popular lift mechanisms include pulley lift, sidepost crank lift, and center post crank lift.

6) Determine which color and pattern is the best match for your setting.

Patio umbrellas are available in a wide array of colors. You can choose from a variety of earth tones, neutral shades, and bold colors. You can also find umbrellas that feature stripes, patterns, and multiple colors.

7) Outline any special features that you require.

In addition to the variety of shapes and sizes, you will find patio umbrellas that are available with the customizable features you are looking for. Examples of optional features include protective covers, manual tilt, auto-tilt, and portable bases with locking wheels.

8) Note the quantity that you require.

Before you confirm your order, make sure to carefully review your outdoor patio area and determine exactly how many umbrellas you require. Some suppliers may offer incentives to customers who place an order for multiple umbrellas.

9) Consider ordering a replacement canopy.

You can maintain an impeccable outdoor patio area by keeping one or more replacement canopies on hand at your resort. In addition to helping you be prepared to troubleshoot a damaged canopy, keeping a replacement canopy on hand enables you to change the look of your outdoor area by featuring a canopy with a different color scheme.

10) Enlist the support of an industry expert.

The best way to ensure that you choose the perfect patio umbrella for your club or resort is to seek the guidance of an expert in the patio cooling industry. The patio umbrella specialists with Cool-Off have the expertise to guide you in your selection of patio umbrellas for your business and look forward to helping you create a cool, inviting atmosphere!