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Our commercial cooling products including commercial fogging kits can be used at a variety of venues. From music festivals to landfills, these products provide dual purpose. They keep the crowd cool and can help cut down on dust and odors.

Our fog risers and fog nozzles provide cooling and dust control or suppression at theme parks, water parks and other family-friendly venues. They also provide the venue with a cost effective alternative to larger, more expensive HVAC units.

Here are 20 places to use Cool-Off Commercial Cooling Products:

1. Theme parks. 2. Water parks. 3. Restaurants. 4. Resorts. 5. Pools. 6. Casinos. 7. State Fairs. 8. Fun Centers. 9. Zoos. 10. Aquarium. 11. Sporting Event. 12. Concert. 13. Museums. 14. Church fair. 15. Music Festival. 16. Food processing plants. 17. Composting facilities. 18. Landfills. 19. Refineries. 20. Waste processing plants.

For additional information about these and other commercial cooling products, please visit our website.