What makes Cool-Off™ High Pressure Misting Pumps the Best?

The all new 2020 Cool-Off High Pressure Misting Pumps are sure to raise the bar and industry standard for which all misting systems are compared.


Due to an incredible list of bells and whistles that come standard on every pump unit we felt the need to explain the difference to the average consumer in our marketplace.  So what makes our new pumps so special?


This is the quietest high pressure pump in the industry.  Of course, this is extremely important so you can now place your high-pressure pump on your patio closer to your area being cooled without worrying about the motor noise from the pump. 


This is also the only misting system with a downloadable App from both the Apple ITunes and Google Play stores.  Control your pump from your smartphone. On/Off at the touch of a button from any handheld device as well as many other amazing features. 


At the touch of a button on your phone, it can be quite stunning to see mist suddenly explode out your nozzles, and your guests are sure to be impressed.


For more sophisticated requirements this app really shines. Want to fire it up at 11 am on Monday through Friday? NO PROBLEM!

Just tap the days of the week and set the dial. Then tell the app when to turn off and of course it will be done.


For a special effect as desired, go ahead and program the pump to pulsate. How about 30 seconds on and 60 seconds off between 2:00 and 4:00 pm on Saturday and Sunday?  How sweet it is!!!  Oh by the way, the app is programmable in eight languages for our customers all over the world.


The pump itself weighs in at only 22 pounds, by far the lightest high pressure pump on the market.  Competitive units can weigh three times as much with no more firepower. Sporting a fully enclosed shell it also enjoys a fan cooled motor inside to avoid overheating and warranty issues. 


Many high pressure pumps are placed in cabinets or under sinks in outdoor areas.  With a foot print only 11 x 15 inches and only 9 inches tall, our unit is small enough to fit in the tightest areas.  The carrying handle is uniquely comfortable for transportation and rests gently against the shell when not in lift mode.


The Softouchcontrol™ digital display indicates any pump maintenance issues, low oil alert, and the type of app mode.  Customers should remember that this is a “touch” system and not a push button system.


From an operation standpoint this pump includes everything necessary with no upcharge. The inlet solenoid allows remote operation by letting the user keep constant water pressure on. Only when the pump is activated can the pressure release thru the valve.  Likewise, the low pressure switch (a $120 upgrade with competitors) prohibits the pump from engaging when there is no or low water pressure. One of the immediate breakdown issues for pumps is running when there is no water in the system, and this switch is essential for the continued user satisfaction.


For many years customers have avoided looking seriously at misting as it appears too complex. All that has changed with the push lock connections, both entering and leaving the pump. Just snap on the in and out port, pop in the tubing and the system is ready to mist whatever your venue is…..simple patio mist cooling, misting fans, misting tents, ground-scaping visual effects, or horticultural options.


To summarize, the Cool-Off™ app driven 1000 psi misting pumps have leapfrogged the industry standards and has raised the bar for others to eventually follow.