3 Reasons To Have Misting Fans At Your Next Fair
Fairs are the time for having fun and making memories that will stay with you for years to come. Whether it's singing along with the band playing the center stage on opening night, riding the rides, testing yourself with the games of skill and chance, or just eating delicious food that you know you'll regret tomorrow, there's something for everyone to enjoy at fairs. However, since they tend to happen during the summer months (to take advantage of warm weather and since kids are off of school), fairs also have to contend with dust, soaring temperatures, and a dozen other environmental issues. If you've been beaten by the heat before, here are three reasons you should consider having misting fans at your next fair.

Reason #1: They Keep Things Cool

A misting system uses a basic scientific principle called evaporation cooling in order to help fight soaring temperatures. When water turns from a liquid into a gas, it takes energy in the form of heat. The tiny droplets of water sprayed out by the mister suck the heat from the nearby air, turning into vapor. As a result, the temperature cools, since the water used heat to become a gas. This is, essentially, the same process we use to cool our bodies when we sweat. The major difference is that, with a misting fan, the cooling happens in the air instead of on your skin. So even though there's water vapor all around someone, they never get wet. They just get a refreshing blast of cool air, which can be just the thing for a sweltering walk down the midway.

Reason #2: They Fight Dust

One of the most common places to find misting fans at a fair is actually near the horse shows. In addition to keeping the horses cool (no mean feat in soaring summer temperatures), these fans also help keep the dust raised by their hooves to a minimum (according to EquiMed). When the air is moist, dust tends to stay on the ground instead of rising up. Picture the lanes of your fair for a moment. Remember how, on opening day, there was green grass all along the fairways? How long does it take before attendees walk that grass down to dirt? And then how long does it take before that dirt turns into dust that just clings to everything, adding an extra layer of discomfort? Well, having misting fans posted at regular intervals will help stop that from happening, making the fair a much more comfortable experience for anyone who attends.

Reason #3: They Are Uniquely Portable

While there are misting fans that can be permanently attached to structures, such as those found on restaurant patios in hot climates, misting fans can also be portable. This allows you to structure cooling avenues along much-traveled routes, or to alter your setup to account for bigger events that are scheduled later in the season. This is particularly advantageous if you have something of a fluid setup in the first place, allowing you to make little adjustments as they become necessary. As long as you can get water and power to your misting fans, they can keep their immediate area cool and comfortable. And if you have enough misting fans to provide regular coverage, then you can make your event a lot more enjoyable for those who attend. Which, of course, means they're likely to come back. They might even bring a few friends to enjoy the setup you have, and maybe even get their faces painted while they're at it.