3 Reasons to Install a Misting Fan in Your Garage Workshop
The hobbies and skills we choose to work on at home are often incredibly revealing about a person. Many people transform their kitchens into a semi-professional workspace for recreational cooking, others establish an office stacked to the ceiling with screens and computer parts but the one hobby that is perhaps the most popular and can be found in almost every garage in America is amateur mechanics and engineering. Whether you've been building working on the car or teaching yourself to carve wooden furniture, millions of people spend a few hours in their garage workshop almost every evening and sometimes work on projects through solid weekends. Of course, while it makes perfect sense to keep the power tools, gas lawn mower, and automotive gear out in the garage, it does mean that your workshop is less likely to be temperature controlled compared to the rest of the house.

Workshops Always Get Hot

When your workshop is in the garage or even a separate detached shed, it's more likely to get swelteringly hot in the summer and chilly in the winter. Of course, even when the leaves change and the cooler winds blow, often the activities you get up to in your closed garage can really heat up the place. Working on your car or power tools can work up a sweat even if it's below 50 degrees outside and in some climates, the temperature may not even drop that much depending on how close to the equator you are. If your garage gets overpoweringly warm when you work, no matter the season, what you need is a misting fan.

Misting Fans Bring Down the Heat

A misting fan is a regular fan you can stand next to your work table or clip to a shelf. The only difference is that the fan itself has been equipped with a hose and nozzle that sprays thousands of tiny droplets of water into the air, which the fan then blows around the room. Why is this useful? Each little droplet of water can literally capture heat standing in the air and pull it down to the ground to dissipate. Misting can literally lower the temperature of a room, even your garage, without making it muggy. In fact, you'll probably enjoy standing in the cool, almost imperceptible mist created by your fan as it makes the entire garage more comfortable.

They Also Suppress Dust

Another neat and almost bonus application of a misting system is that you can also suppress dust and other airborne particles with it. Just as the water can capture heat, they also catch any dust that encounters a droplet of water in the air and can pull all that dust to the ground. This means that whether you recently unearthed a very dusty stack of plywood from the cluttered part of your garage or you have been creating buckets of sawdust from woodworking, misting can pull all those nose-itching particles out of the air quickly and efficiently.

But Misting Fans are Best at Keeping You Cool

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, misting can keep you cool while you work on your favorite projects. When the mist touches your skin, each cool little drop of water saps a little of your heat and then evaporates into the air, just like sweat only cleaner. If you've ever enjoyed misting in a theme park or restaurant, you may already be familiar with the surprisingly pleasant sensation of standing under a misting fan when your body temperature starts rising. From hot summer days where everything is sweltering to cool winter ones in which you've managed to heat up the garage with your activity, misting can keep you comfortably cool without trying to share the house AC with your workshop.