3 Ways Hardscapers and Masons Beat the Summer Heat with High-Pressure Misting Fans

3 Ways Hardscapers and Masons Beat the Summer Heat with High-Pressure Misting Fans
Do you work outside all summer? It can be rough. But professions such as hardscaping and masonry have a positive side; they keep you in excellent shape, make it easy to get some color and, of course, are perfect for anyone who enjoys physical work. Whether you're a hardscaper or mason, you should be proud of your job. Why? Because you're a part of a unique group of today's workforce—one that appreciates the advantages of working hard with your hands. And what some people forget is that you can actually make an excellent living doing this type of work. Even so, there is one big downfall: the brutal summer sun. It can steal your energy, reduce efficiency and make it difficult to focus, increasing the likelihood of mistakes at the job site. But isn't this something every person working outside has always had to deal with? Yes—but not anymore! Now, more and more hardscapers, masons and other physical workers across the nation are avoiding the terrible effects of heat stress with high-pressure misting fans. While making it easier for crews to work harder for a longer period of time, these devices open the doors to greater profits. Let us show you how below!

High-Pressure Misting Fans Offer Oscillating Movements

Whether you're building an outdoor fireplace, a patio, retaining wall, walkway or stairs, your misting fan will keep you and your entire crew calm, cool and collected throughout the day. How so? Because you don't have to stand in a single place to feel the refreshing mist. Since high-pressure misting fans for hardscapers and masons rotate from side to side, everybody will be well within reach. You may be building a chimney, patio or even a pond, however, it'll feel like you're working near a waterfall.

They're Portable

When you do hardscaping or masonry, it's likely you move on to a new job site every week or so. So, along with your tools, mixer, stone, bags of cement and other essentials, you can easily store your misting fan as you travel elsewhere. Since portable misting fans come with wheels, you can roll it right up the ramp into your trailer when it's time to leave. This is just one more piece of equipment you'll never want to forget! Knowing they can enjoy the rejuvenating benefits of cooling mist at each job, members of your crew will have an easier time waking up in the morning during scorching temperatures. And they'll thank you for adding something new to the job site that most of the other crews don't have.

High-Pressure Misting Fans Boost Productivity

While other companies succumb to the debilitating effects of the summer heat, yours will stay productive. This is the secret to finishing more jobs a lot faster, and improving your bottom line during peak season. In most regions of the country, the summer is when hardscapers and masons make the most money. Therefore, make this season your best one yet by buying a high-pressure misting fan from a company like Cool-Off. As your crew reaps the benefits of a misting fan, they'll feel less fatigued and keep their focus. Plus, they won't wake up the next morning feeling exhausted. Rather, this slight change to how you go about completing your jobs will have them rising refreshed and rejuvenated, day-in and day-out.

How to Buy a Misting Fan for Masons or Hardscapers

Visit Cool-Off.com to check all the models on our website. You can make a purchase and enjoy free shipping right there and then. You can even contact us to learn more about a model you're interested in. Remember, no matter what model you choose, you're bound to see a satisfying ROI. Make this summer the most profitable yet!
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