4 Best Patio Umbrella Manufacturers for Umbrellas of Every Type

Keeping your guests, customers, or even patients, less hot and more comfortable during the summer months is one of the highest priorities in the restaurant, hotel, entertainment, and festival industry. Particularly in the southern and southwestern regions of the US, summer temperatures can rise to extremely unpleasant levels. In some cases, the heat can even affect individuals' ability to remain outside even for only short periods. Here at Cool-Off, we understand the importance of keeping patrons cool, and we take the necessity for shade seriously. Allow us to share the types and styles of outdoor umbrellas we offer and a bit about the unique features of each.

FIM Patio Umbrellas

The FIM line of umbrellas is designed and made in Italy and is the product of 75 years of expertise. Their umbrellas are a combination of tradition and technology. A modern classic, FIM umbrellas have become a fusion of artistry and fine craftsmanship. We sell the following FIM products:


The 10.5' Hexagon Cantilever Patio Umbrella Not only does FIM offer multiple color choices, but base options abound, as well. This umbrella will make any setting more beautiful, shady, and relaxing. Additionally, this umbrella can move in whatever direction necessary as the sun rises, sets, and changes position in the sky. Guests will remain fully shaded throughout the day. The large 10.5' span of the canvas shade ensures that everyone sitting around the table is in the shade. Your guests will like the elegance, the utility, and the durability of this excellent shade source. It's nice to know that this cantilever umbrella resists fading even after hours of being in the scorching sun. The 11.5' Offset Umbrella Putting on a special event? Hosting a huge wedding party? This super octagonal-shaped awning comes with a lightweight aluminum pole and commercial-grade performance. This FIM also comes with base options, 11' of shade, and easy mobility. The 9.5' Square Cantilever Patio Umbrella The same extraordinary color choices, durability, and lovely-look come with the 9.5' FIM square patio umbrella. If you need a smaller version of FIM's cantilever product, this umbrella will do the trick. Just like the larger versions, the shade has a crank lift, follows the sun's position by manual manipulation and adds a touch of elegance to any venue. FIM uses Sunbrella fabric on all its shades for durability. The 10.5' Hexagon Offset Patio Umbrella This shade boasts a crank lift system; multiple color choices; durable and lightweight aluminum pole; teak components, and an elegant ambiance.


This grouping includes the 9.5' x 9.5' square cantilever patio umbrella, along with:

  • The 11.5' x 11.5' square cantilever patio umbrella
  • The 10' x 13' lift rectangular cantilever patio umbrella
  •  The 13' octagonal cantilever patio umbrella

Flexy Series

FIM's Flexy group is a modular system that has a contemporary, sleek design. This group of coverings is excellent for:

  • Covering large areas without having a central obstruction like a pole
  • Combining several modules for dramatic effect
  • Finding the correct size needed for an oversized area
  • Commercial use and residential settings
  • Folding out of the way when not in use
  • Installing in irregular spaces
  • Using either a manual or electrical system to fold up the shade or tilting the canopy to shade different areas during the day as the day progresses
  • Utilizing freestanding bases or in-ground mounts
  • Adding a pop of color to your outdoor landscaping
  • Mobile architectural features
  • Significant events or spacious commercial layout

Shademaker Umbrellas

Shademaker Architectural Shade, a California design company, makes shade umbrellas that are:

  • Easily detachable
  • Environmentally friendly
  • High-performance fabrics
  • Replaceable parts
  • Five-year warranties
  • Contemporary styling

Cool-Off sells these styles of Shademaker umbrellas:


This style comes in a square and round designs. Its simple design makes it easy to use and features a counterweight opening and closing system. The hub and fittings of the umbrella are durable and high-performing, and steel base weight options are available. Shademaker also uses Sunbrella fabrics for its umbrellas.


Beautifully constructed, the Orion patio umbrellas make a design statement wherever they land. Their designs are octagonal and square shapes.  The contemporary design of the umbrellas in the Orion category make for exquisite and chic décor but are also long-lasting and hardy.


The Galaxy editions of Shademaker's extensive inventory are an excellent example of the pride and care that makes Shademaker the reliable manufacturer it is. Whether for a business or a private client, the Galaxy line can be customized (like all Cool-Off products can) to match or complement your restaurant, hotel, cafe', or bar. Your outdoor spaces will become a predominant part of your bread and butter.


This iteration of Shademaker's shade-makers includes the 9'9" Crank Lift Offset Umbrella. This efficient 95 square foot cover and comes with an alternative furniture-grade fabric and can be ordered with stainless steel hardware for more extended durability.


This design group is easy to install and setup which is fantastic news for the event planner or restaurant crew who must place the shades. These gorgeous umbrellas come in a variety of shapes and, of course, a vast array of colors. These shades mean the difference between hot and wilting guests and guests who are enjoying their day in the outdoors.


One example of an Astral shade is the 11'5 Square Pully Lift Patio Umbrella. To say that this umbrella comes in many colors is an understatement. Allow your creativity to soar as you decide which of the many color choices you will pick. The Astral is a big shade. Let's call it the king of summer shade units. It, too, has a simple-to-use pully system, making its operation an easy task. All Shademaker umbrellas are styled to have a nautical influence, and their umbrellas can be made of awning grade material if customers wish. The company recommends that a licensed contractor secures this umbrella. patio umbrella over outdoor dining set

Treasure Garden Umbrellas

Umbrellas made by Treasure Garden range in size from 10' square; 11' octagonal; 13' octagonal, to 10' x 13' rectangular. These umbrellas are magnificent and flatter any space. The Treasure Garden model AKZRT at 10' x 13' is a rectangular, cantilever umbrella with a left to right tilt and lock canopy. It includes a simple foot pedal that rotates shade through multiple settings. Treasure Garden also uses Sunbrella fabrics which is a must as far as Cool-Off is concerned. Treasure Garden umbrellas have your choice of bronze, platinum, or black finishes for their frames.

Jardinico Umbrellas

Jardinico has been in the umbrella business for more than ten years. Their designs are contemporary, made of beautiful fabrics, and have simple handling systems. Located in Belgium, Jardinico, in their own words, is made for shade. Cool-Off sells these Jardinico umbrellas:

The Jardinico Aluminum Quad Side-Post

The company says owning this umbrella is like having four umbrellas in one. With eight ribs, a height of 116.5", and your choice of two sides of shade, three edges of protection, or four to give sun protection the Aluminum Quad Side Post umbrella is definitely worth the price. Canvas colors abound, and the frame finish comes in silver anodized, charcoal, matte white, and Alu teak.

The Jardinico Center-Post Push-Up Umbrella

This shade comes in a 7.5' square and a 9' hexagon. Jardenico sells a portable base option and the same four frame finish options. This Jardenico umbrella features an aluminum frame, a coiled spring system, and is one of Cool-Off's best-selling umbrellas of the past several years. This streamlined and clean-looking style is hard to resist. And for protecting yourself from the harmful rays of the sun, this shade is what you need.

The Jardenico Center-Post Crank Lift 15' Octagon Umbrella

The portable base of this shade weighs 350 pounds, and the umbrella has eight ribs. This Jardenico shade is the essence of an elegant, easy-to-use outdoor shade unit. The frame finish for this umbrella is your choice of silver anodized, charcoal, or matte white.

The Jardenico Side-Post Crank Lift Patio Umbrella

The two canopy shapes for this shade are 10' square and 11.5' octagon. The side-post feature gives guests more room to move around and get out of the sun. The look is minimalistic and elegant.

The Jardinico Giant Side-Post Crank Lift Patio Umbrella

This shade is beyond elegant. The canvas comes in several colors but choosing the color white is highly recommended because of its impressive and striking appearance. The canopy shape of this umbrella is a rectangle that measures 10' x 14' or an octagon of 13' in circumference. It comes with giant support poles and a crank handle.


Cool-Off carries a line of substantial patio umbrellas to make your outdoor locations into oases. These shades do more than keep the sun off; they also are part of designing a tropical sanctuary that is irresistible to all who come upon it. We have, over the years, worked with architects, engineers, designers, and builders to ensure that our clients can precisely choose what they want and need. Offering this type of sun protection, along with inviting areas to meet and greet, is something we know how to do here at Cool-Off. If you are searching for the right umbrellas for your business, your home, or your vacation home, you've come to the right place. The shade devices we have described to you are top-of-the-line, durable, great-looking, and long-lasting. Contact us to find out more about high-end, warranted, design-oriented outdoor shade options. We have more than a few to show you, and it's our pleasure to do so.