67 You’ve probably seen them at resorts and other commercial places that have pools. Maybe you’ve even seen one in the backyard of a friend or colleague. Outdoor cabanas are structures that are typically placed near a pool or in a patio area. They serve as shelter from the elements, but they are much more than that. If you’re thinking of investing in a cabana for your own yard, but you’re not completely convinced yet, here are 5 reasons you should take the plunge. Increase the Value of Your Home – Imagine for a moment you are in the market to purchase a new home and you’ve narrowed down your choices. Now, imagine that one of those homes has a beautiful cabana in the backyard. Couldn’t you just picture yourself lounging under the canopy in cool comfort, enjoying the outdoors without the beating sun or meddling rain? Owning one of these will instantly make your home more appealing, whether or not you’re planning on selling. Enjoy the Outdoors More – We’ve all experienced those days when the sweltering sun or unexpected rain shower make venturing outdoors nearly impossible. With a cabana, you can still enjoy the fresh air without all the unpleasant elements. You’ll get more use out of your backyard or pool area and extend your season. Many Options – Outdoor cabanas are extremely versatile. From different sizes to various colors, you can customize the look of the structure to suit your taste. You can also make your cabana into just about anything you can imagine, from an outdoor bar to a children’s play area to your own backyard oasis, the choices are virtually endless. Protection from Dangerous Sun – Did you know that 1.2 million cases of skin cancer are diagnosed each year in the US? It’s no secret how dangerous the sun’s UV rays can be. That doesn’t mean you’re limited to staying inside during those beautiful spring and summer days, however. With an outdoor cabana, you’ll have the enjoyment of Mother Nature without the risk of health problems due to excess sun exposure. This is especially beneficial if you have children, since one bad sunburn doubles the risk of skin cancer. Extra Storage – One of the biggest struggles home owners face is storage. It seems that even with structures like garages and sheds, there’s always a need for extra space. An outdoor cabana can provide the perfect solution, giving added shelter to your lawn or garden materials, sporting equipment and anything else you need to keep out of the sun or rain. These are just a few of the many benefits that come with owning an outdoor cabana. As an added bonus, you’ll also save time and money by choosing our cabana products since they’re affordable, high quality and easy to install. If you need assistance choosing the perfect cabana for your needs, contact us at 800-504-6478. We’re happy to help! And, as always….stay cool, my friends!