5 Uses For Misting Fans To Keep Your Summer Cool
We've all seen misting fans before. These simple devices use tiny nozzles, high-pressure water, and basic science to create localized areas of cool air, which can help you beat the heat during even the more unreasonable temperatures. But while we see them on the patios at high-end restaurants, or on the sidelines during professional sports games, that doesn't mean these fans are only for the rich and famous. In fact, there are all sorts of uses you could put them to this summer.

#1: Making Your Porch Bearable

If you've got a porch or a patio, then the natural urge is to use it to enjoy some of that fresh air you're entitled to. But when the mercury rises, even sitting and reading a book can become a stifling, impossible activity. The idea of doing anything active, much less hosting a get-together with friends and neighbors, is ridiculous if you break a sweat taking a breath. A misting fan or two, though, can cool the area down by as much as 40 degrees, turning your porch into an island of comfort in a sea of heat.

#2: Summertime Sports

Amateur athletics can be just as entertaining as the big leagues, and garner just as much support from local fans. Whether it's a kids' league or just a few teams from the local lodges, people are going to come out to see them play. But it can be rough sitting for the game when the sun feels like it's only ten feet above the field, and it's even worse for the players. That's why it's a good idea to set up some misting fans in the dugout, on the sidelines, or wherever players go to get their wind back. In addition to hydrating, misting fans can make a big difference when it comes to keeping your cool.

#3: Out Fishing

A lot of fishermen head out on the lake to relax, but that can be hard to do with the sun beating down on your head. While a canopy and a cold drink can make a lot of difference, a misting fan is a great way to make sure your boat stays cool and comfortable no matter how hot the rest of the lake gets. As long as you're sitting on the still water, and there's no wind to blow your cool mist away, it can be a real breath of fresh air.

#4: Out In The Shed

Whether you prefer to work on crafts in your garage, or out in the shed, the summer heat has a way of creeping in through all the chinks and cracks. Not only that, but a lot of crafts require you to ventilate, so keeping the doors and windows shut against the day's heat isn't really an option. That's where misting fans come in. They lower the temperature, but don't get anything wet, so whether you're working with wood, canvas, spray paint, or some other crafting material, there's no worry about errant moisture spoiling your project... either from the fans or from you dripping sweat all over the place.

#5: Up In The Attic

For a lot of people, that attic space is just a place to stash storage. Others, though, would happily use the space for recreation, entertaining, or just for a relaxing nook if it wasn't so hot up there all the time. Again, a simple misting fan can take that space and lower the temperature significantly, allowing previously unusable real estate in your home to suddenly become an escape from the everyday. Whether it's for the kids or the grown-ups, make sure everyone is comfortable in those cozy little spaces.