67Cabanas are practical. They keep the hot sun out and allow the cool breeze through. They can also be beautiful, if you’re willing to put a little effort in. In fact, with the right touches you can turn a boring old cabana into a breathtaking oasis that goes beyond practical, adds a touch of elegance to your landscaping and becomes a comfortable, inviting place for you and your guests to enjoy the great outdoors.

If you need a little guidance in this area, here are 6 simple tips to get you started.

Invest in a Quality Product – When it comes to cabanas, the sturdier the better. Consider the fact that this structure will likely have to withstand the stormy weather that can strike during summer months, including heavy rain and strong winds. If you plan on leaving your cabana up year-round, it’s even more important that you invest in one of good quality. Otherwise you’ll find yourself replacing it year after year.

Hang Curtains – Adding curtains to the corners or sides of your cabana can help to include a splash of color and create a light, airy feeling as they blow in the wind. Choose bright, summery colors or stick with traditional white cotton. You’ll be amazed at how something so simple can really change the whole look and feel of your space.

Use Comfortable Furniture – You want your cabana to become an inviting place of refuge for yourself and your guests, so be sure to include comfortable places to sit. There are plenty of outdoor furniture sets which include loveseats, chairs and tables that look elegant but won’t break the bank. Also, invest in soft, outdoor cushions and throw pillows to complete the look.

Place Furniture to Encourage Conversation – The purpose of your cabana is to create a gathering place for yourself and your guests, so make it natural to engage in conversations under your structure. Arrange furniture in a way that the pieces face one another to encourage interaction. (Think sitting room outdoors.)

Get Creative with Drink Holders – If your entertainment will include refreshing summer drinks, make sure there are plenty of places for your guests to put their beverages down. Beyond the traditional option of regular tables, get creative with this step. Try using half wine barrels turned upside down, trunks or repurposed wooden pallets.

Include Accessories – Bring the look together by placing some accessories throughout your cabana. Flowering plants, lush greenery, candles and reading material all add a lovely touch to an otherwise bland space and create a more welcoming, homey atmosphere.

Install a Mister – For those days when even the shade of the cabana isn’t enough to keep you cool, consider installing a misting fan or misting system to add a cool, refreshing breeze to your outdoor space and make even the hottest days enjoyable for you and your guests. With these simple tips, you’ll be able to turn your boring old cabana into an elegant, inviting gathering place where you and your guests will feel like royalty.

What are you waiting for?

Get out there and start decorating! And, as always…stay cool, my friends.