A Fogging or Cooling System Can Help You Make the Most of Your Private or Commercial Oasis
If you are like most people, one of your favorite places to be is lounging beside a pool or your favorite watery oasis. You may have even spent a considerable amount of time and money to have one designed in your own back yard. Regardless of your reasoning or application, a Fogging System from Cool-Off.com can meet your needs. Cool-Off offers kits ranging from basic residential kits, to complex commercial space kits. Each available kit includes Cool-Off’s exclusive technology consisting of 1000 PSI premium pumps, nozzles, and fittings. Cool-Off also offers special fog riser which can add dramatic effects to any space including landscapes, pool areas, fountains, grottos, or just about any custom application.

Pool Builders

As a pool builder, the design and unique nature of the products you offer your client could mean the difference between having more clients than you have time to service, and only having a handful for the entire season. Cool-Off fogging systems can be the product that gives your client the all-important edge over competing residential neighborhood backyards, or competing commercial locales. With the competition of a free market being more impacted by service than ever before, incorporating a Cool-Off fog system into your pool design can really distinguish you from the competition. From simple cost effective systems to complex systems with risers and all of the top of the line amenities, Cool-Off can help you meet your customer’s needs.

Landscape Architects

Landscape architecture is artistry that is uniquely appointed by each designer. With the unique design of Cool-Off’s popular new Memory Tube, you can use special tubing to create custom shaping options to add effects to the unique rocks or vegetation created in each design, and use it to create a one of a kind, customized piece of art for any customer’s idea. Help your artistry come to life by partnering with Cool-Off to create a masterpiece.


If you are a homeowner who regularly entertains, your family and guests could really benefit from the use of a Cool-Off fogging system. Your back yard oasis may be beautiful, and it may be almost perfect. However, adding the special effect of fog is not only aesthetically pleasing, but Cool-Off’s systems can substantially lower the temperature around your sanctuary, while at the same time setting you apart from the rest of the neighborhood competing for the best entertainment setup. Imagine being the neighbor with the dual threat back yard, cool in concept, and cool in temperature!

Theme Parks

A theme park ideally wants to take a first time guest and turn them into a repeat guest or a season pass holder. One of the greatest ways of doing that, is to create customized water attractions and cooling stations throughout the park in order to make sure your guests are as physically comfortable as possible. With Cool-Off’s fogging systems and cooling mist systems, you can use the heat to your advantage by offering a sanctuary that your guests will keep coming back to time and time again.

Resort & Hotel Management

One of the best ways to ensure that your guests come back to your hotel or resort every time they stay in your area, is by using fogging or cooling systems to both cool down outdoor pool areas, and create dramatic visual effects that set your space apart from the rest of their options. The best way to compete in the destination and tourism industry is by making your indoor or outdoor pool area a water oasis that is an attraction in and of itself. Consider a Cool-Off system for your next build! Regardless of the complexity or simplicity of your next project, it can be made better with the use of a Cool-Off fogging or cooling system. Contact us today for more information!