The Big Advantages of Industrial Cooling from Cool-Off
When the heat of summer really kicks into high gear, keeping workers cool can be an enormous task, opening up the possibility of damaging heat stress and related health problems if employers don’t take environment control seriously. While finding the right solution can be tricky, particularly for open-air work sites, industrial scale misters can not only keep your workers cool and focused but can help mitigate equally troublesome dust particles that also can plague a workplace. Here’s a breakdown of the advantages of using industrial-grade misters to help make ensure a work environment that is both healthy and productive even during the hottest days of the year.

No wet floors or equipment:

Although low and mid-pressure water misters can still cool down a room, high-pressure misters have a significant advantage because of the significantly smaller drops of water released into the air. This allows for a much quicker rate of evaporation, which helps the air quickly cool without the potentially dangerous effects of a wet floor or equipment. Particularly for a job that is moderately dangerous on its own, a high-pressure misting system will provide a consistent burst of crisp air without compromising safety, making them ideal for any industrial setting where a wet floor or equipment would be a problem.

Easily handle large work areas:

Keeping employees or livestock cool in a large room or work area can be problematic for the wrong type of mister, particularly if you need to have 25 or more nozzles for full coverage. While misters with lower pressures have a hard time duplicating the intended spraying pattern as nozzles are added, a high-pressure industrial mister is designed to hold the same uniform cone well beyond 25 nozzles. Ultimately, that allows employers to make sure that all areas of the workplace are equally cooled, helping to maintain team morale as well a high overall level of safety. Additionally, areas that require turns of 90 degrees can also see a decrease in water flow and misting output if low or mid-pressure misters are installed, although high-pressure systems easily handle sharp turns.

Subdue harmful dust:

Dust is considered a significant threat to workplace safety by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, as unchecked dust contamination can lead to a variety of different respiratory problems. Instead of allowing dust to roam throughout your facility, high-pressure misters can be an absolute game-changer that is easy to install and less expensive than other methods of ventilation. Due to the small droplets of water produced by high-pressure industrial misters, dust can be easily contained even in large facilities that generate a substantial amount of harmful dust. High-pressure misters can also be especially effective if your dust-generating facility requires containment due to neighboring areas, helping to ensure not only the health of workers but of the surrounding community.


Elevating the humidity in the air can be crucial in certain industries, particularly when it comes to print-related operations. In low-humidity environments, printing equipment can see an increase in static that can negatively affect production, making it essential to monitor – and potentially enhance – the humidification level. Not only will a high-pressure mister help keep workers cool in a hot print shop without dampening the equipment, it will even make the process itself smoother by elevating the levels of humidity. Though there are other methods of humidification, misters are relatively inexpensive and easily customizable to fit the size of your work area.

Bottom line

Controlling the work environment and guaranteeing a high level of safety is a fundamental part of today’s workplace, which forces employers to seek ways to fulfill their obligations in a cost-efficient manner. With high-pressure industrial misters, a hot and/or dusty work area can be quickly transformed from a risky environment to a cool oasis that lets employees focus on the task at hand without worrying about the heat or dust. For more information on upgrading your workplace with an industrial misting system, contact the pros at Cool-Off for further details and options.