Support Youth Athletics and Keep Kids Safe with Cooling Tents

Youth athletics are a great way to bring your family together. Everyone loves to cheer on their local team, and youth athletics help children and teens gain team-building skills, develop their athletic talents, and get plenty of exercise in a positive, supervised environment. However, extreme heat puts a damper on even the best youth athletic activities. Fortunately, there's an easy way for parents and friends to support youth athletics, even in the hot summers. Cool off your team in the shade of a misting tent, or set one up to watch your kids play in the sun. Is a misting tent right for you? Read on to learn more about these amazing products.

Reduce risk of heat exhaustion

Thermometer-rising-in-blazing-sunThe risk of heat exhaustion is especially high for sporting events, which require high levels of physical activity, usually in direct sunlight. When the heat creeps above 90 degrees, it's easy to get overheated quickly. A misting tent enhances the body's natural cooling process by forming a fine mist that quickly evaporates from your skin, cooling the body. When the mist is there, your body has another water source to help you cool down, so your risk of dehydration decreases. Of course, it's still essential for athletes and spectators to drink plenty of water, but a misting tent effectively helps the body cool down and prevents heat-related illnesses. Giving your athlete the opportunity to cool down in your misting tent when they have a short break from the game. The comfortable temperatures will help them cool down and get the energy they need to keep playing. Make things even better with sweet and salty snacks that replace electrolytes lost through sweat.

Lower temperatures by 15-20 degrees

Combining shade with a cooling mist creates the perfect solution for enjoying the hot summer weather. Many users of our misting tents report a temperature decrease of 15-20 degrees. In 90-degree weather, you'll stay as cool and comfortable as you would on a breezy 75-degree day. Watching your child play a sport is enjoyable even in hot weather when you have a shady, comfortable spot to cool down.


Make sporting events enjoyable for the whole family

Even for the most supportive families, watching sports in hot weather isn't fun. If grandparents or very young children attend the event, they have a greater risk for heat-related illness. Young children sunburn easily and don't always pick up on their body's cues to slow down and cool off. With a misting tent, you'll have a safe, comfortable spot for the whole family. Keep everyone safe in the shade of a misting tent, and enjoy the cooler temperatures provided by the mist.


Easy setup and connection

A misting tent sounds great, but you might worry about finding a place to connect it. Some traditional canopies provide shade, but the set-up is challenging and tedious. Fortunately, our misting tents only require a garden hose connection. Some of our tents even come with their own 8-gallon water portable water tank for comfortable shade in remote areas. Set-up and take-down are easy with our streamlined design. You won't have to stand in the heat for long with our quick and easy set-up. Misting tents provide much-needed shade and cooling for a wide variety of uses. Set it up in the backyard while the kids play in the pool, or place it over your patio furniture for comfortable al fresco dining. But these tents really shine at youth athletic events. Not only will your family stay cool and comfortable while they watch the event, these tents provide a safe place for young athletes to cool off and recover from a hot day. Reduce the risk of heat exhaustion, set-up and take-down your tent with ease, and provide a comfortable space for your family or sports team with an incredible Cool-off tent.