5 Reasons to Get a Patio Umbrella

You may have heard about these nifty machines that can release tiny particles of water that vaporize instantly to cool the area around them. Maybe you’ve even experienced one for yourself when you were walking around at the zoo on a hot day last summer. They’re called misting systems, and they’re not just for the rich or for commercial use only. You can easily install one of these systems around your own patio, pool area or other outdoor space. In fact, here are some of the many benefits you’ll receive by doing so.

Keep cool when temps rise. Most people start complaining as the thermometer begins to climb, but with a misting system, you won’t even notice the steamy weather. Instead, you’ll be enveloped in a cool, refreshing mist that wards off humidity and chills the air to a comfortable level.

Enjoy more time outdoors. As the summer begins to heat up, many people retreat to the comfort of the air conditioned indoors. Unfortunately, that means missing out on the gorgeous summer weather. When you have a misting system, on the other hand, you can enjoy more time in the great outdoors. Breathe in the fresh air, take in the sights and sounds of nature and really get the most out of the beautiful summer weather without overheating.

Entertain guests even in the hottest weather. When the weather is sweltering, you’ll be the go-to venue of choice for your friends and family who want to enjoy the outdoors without the misery of the summer heat. Host cookouts, pool parties or other gatherings in the comfort and coolness provided by your very own misting system. You’ll be the envy of the neighborhood!

Excellent for greenhouses. Misting systems aren’t just great for humans (and pets), but they can even benefit your plants. Greenhouses are great for helping plants flourish, but they must contain the right level of moisture. A misting system is perfect, because it keeps the interior at an appropriate temperature while regularly misting the plants to keep them damp. Your greenery will thrive under those conditions!

Competitive advantage for businesses. As mentioned above, misting systems are also great for commercial use. Just about any business that offers outdoor access can make use of a misting system. For instance, zoos, parks and restaurants that feature outdoor dining areas could all gain competitive advantage by creating a cooler, more enjoyable environment for guests.

So, there you have it. The many benefits of having your very own misting system. Ready to take the plunge and start planning your cool summer retreat? You can order online at the click of a button, or call us at 800-504-6478. Order today and be ready for those warming temps! And, as always….stay cool, my friends!