patio heaters

Patio heaters are an excellent investment because they can extend the amount of time you get to enjoy your outdoor space. They also come in many shapes, styles and sizes, so you’re sure to find a heater that goes perfectly with your external décor. What you should be really choosy about, however, is the type of fuel used to heat the unit. We feel that propane heaters are the best. Here’s why.

They’re easy and convenient. These types of heaters are easy to use and operate, and they can be moved to anywhere, making them very convenient. Propane gas is also easy to find and readily available. Simply fill up your tank and you’re good to go.

They’re inexpensive to operate. No worrying about a spike in your electric bill when using a propane heater. Plus, most heating units are designed to be efficient so the propane you purchase should last awhile. On average, liquid propane costs under $2 per hour of heating time.

They’re better for the environment. Propane is a safe, clean burning fossil fuel, which means it is much better for the environment than other fuel sources. So, you can enjoy ambient heat on your porch or patio without feeling guilty about expanding your carbon footprint.

They’re efficient. Propane heaters are designed to burn at optimum efficiency, so while the cost of the fuel itself may vary slightly from time to time, the amount you use won’t. Each refill should provide you with hours of effective heating.

They’re versatile. As mentioned earlier, heaters that are fueled by propane are available in a wide variety of styles and sizes. This makes them the perfect addition to any outdoor area, whether it’s a small residential deck or a large commercial space. You’re sure to find whatever you need with the selection that’s available.

They’re affordable. Finally, propane heaters are surprisingly less expensive than many think. In fact, you can score a high quality, beautiful and effective heater for under $150!

Do you need help picking a patio heater? Have questions about which style or size would be best for you? Give our experts a call 800-504-6478. And, for now…..stay warm, my friends.